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M Staff


May 3rd, 2016

We have talked about K-Speed, the Thai company that deals in parts and accessories while is also an established tuning custom build shop that has 12 branches across the country a few times in past few days, mainly because of their stunning work on old school BMW Boxer engine based motorcycles but also for the fact that K-Speed hails from Thailand, a country from South Asia which has not traditionally been the region you would associate with custom builds and passionate motorcycling. So it gives us immense pleasure that a sub continent company is created such beautiful custom builds that can match established builders from the west.  Just like the last two builds by k-Speed, the BMW R100 Retro Café Racer  and the BMW R100 Bobster this build that goes by the name ’R80 Brat Bobber’ which is a 1985 BMW R80, is based on the very rare BMW Boxer in Thailand, giving the build an special aura.

K-Speed BMW R80 Brat Bobber Rear Three Quarter

The BMW R80 Brat Bobber continues the tradition of short and low style customs from K-Speed, however, it is has a higher seat as compared to the Bobster. Furthermore, K-Speed also lowered the forks of the design comparatively less, the suspension still being a YSS unit at rear, while the seat design and the sub frame are a little bit more substantial than the previous build.

K-Speed BMW R80 Brat Bobber

The beautiful looking tiny tank on the ‘Brat Bobber’ is a custom-made piece, while the handlebar bar and controls combination is absolutely same as on the ‘Bobster’. However, the new speedometer, the tiny headlight and the tail light are all different and new parts though. K-Speed continues to use the monochrome paint schemes just like as on the ‘Bobster’ and the similarities continues in the form of thorough refinishing work on the engines. K-Speed has also put BMW roundels on the fuel tank (just like as on the ‘Bobster’) which is a nice little hat tip to each bike’s heritage. Along with the above, K-Speed left the airbox intact this time while fitting slightly shorter megaphone mufflers to the BMW R80 Brat Bobber.

K-Speed BMW R80 Brat Bobber and BMW R100 Bobster

We also loved the way K-Speed has not made this BMW R80 Brat Bobber build a very fine one by leaving a few rough edges and a few bits of impracticality such as the lack of fenders giving the build a character that can be readily associated with a Bobber concept.

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