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February 6th, 2017

An Icon that transcends generations and a legend that is still ahead of the curve yet true to its roots, the Range Rover history is now 48 years old…

It was in 1969 when Land Rover told the world that off-road vehicles can be luxurious. The first ever production Range Rover arrived shortly after in 1970 in the form of the Land Rover Range Rover 2 door. The 2 door variant continued to be the Land Rover flagship till 1981 when its 4 door version came along. The first generation was not an all out luxurious exuberance like the ones you see today. But it was certainly much better in terms of luxury and up-market feel than contemporary Land Rovers. Now that the iconic Range Rover heads into its 48th year of existence we talk about how this iconic car kept on improving with the times and yet, still be true to its roots.

To celebrate, Land Rover has created a beautiful video that captures the 48 years of milestones appeared in the Range Rover history. This has also coincided with the launch of the monstrous new 550bhp Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic. This new SUV from Land Rover serves as the flagship Range Rover Autobiography and continues the SUV’s legacy. It was this variant that brought the premium SUV segment technological innovations like ABS and aluminium unibody construction among others firsts.

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The Range Rover history has expanded into a wide range of models. In these times you can have a Range Rover Sport that can blast through hardcore race tracks like the Nurburgring shaming more than a handful of dedicated sports cars. And still, in its true form, the car can wade through forests, deserts, snow-capped mountains and virtually everything in utmost luxury. It is a car as significant as the Porsche 911 in the automotive history and in fact draws many parallels to it. Both have improved and transformed themselves over the time to still be the best while always being true to their iconic lines. Though we would love to see Land Rover give another shot to the 2 door but we are certain that it will be something to look forward from the Range Rover customization segment.

During the launch of the new Autobiography flagship, Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover, said: “Range Rover has, over time, achieved iconic design status through a progressive evolution of its unique DNA, culminating in a vehicle of peerless distinction. From its sense of evolution and sophisticated sensibilities inherent in its interior design to its understated yet powerful exterior proportions, Range Rover stands alone. There’s simply nothing else like it.”
Watch the beautiful animation by Land Rover below to witness the evolution of Range Rover.

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