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August 27th, 2018

At The Alois Ruf Reunion that was created to commemorate seven iconic cars from Ruf’s history at The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering, Ruf Automobile GmbH revealed their recently-restored CTR “Yellowbird” #001. This was the first of the CTR (Group C, Turbo Ruf) machines that was based on the Porsche 911 and was introduced by the German maker back in 1987. Back in the day, and even today, the CTR Yellowbird was a masterpiece in engineering and performance. The Ruf CTR featured an enlarged version of Porshce’s 3.2-litre flat six that given more boost. The body was lightened to tip the scales at just 1,100kg and then stiffened and upgraded in every possible way of performance and handling. Back in 1987, Ruf rated their engines at 470 horsepower, but some of them would actually make close to 500 horsepower. A handful even by today’s standards, the Ruf CTR was capable of launching itself to 60mph (100kmph) from standstill in just 3.6 seconds!

Ruf CTR Yellowbird

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here sharing our passion for the automotive hobby with RUF owners and enthusiasts,” said Alois Ruf, owner of RUF Automobile GmbH. “This is the first time that we’ve brought a RUF vehicle to the United States since 2001 and we were overwhelmed by the reception. Bringing the all new CTR to display and drive alongside Bruce Meyer’s CTR #001 was a fantastic experience.”

Ruf CTR Yellowbird -2

Alongside the Ruf CTR Yellowbird #001 from Bruce Meyer’s collection, the Germany manufacturer also unveiled their all-new Ruf CTR, which also celebrates 30 years of the marque. For the new CTR, RUF developed an entirely new carbon fiber monocoque. Styled by Freeman Thomas and a 710 horsepower twin-turbo flat six engine, the all-new CTR continues the legacy of fast Porsches made even faster and by the legendary Germany car manufacturer.

Ruf CTR Yellowbird -3

The all-new Ruf CTR with 710 horsepower and carbon fibre monocoque

Ruf CTR Yellowbird -4 Ruf CTR Yellowbird -5 Ruf CTR Yellowbird -6 Ruf CTR Yellowbird -7

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