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on May 5th, 2017

Since his Radical Ducati days Pepo Rosell has been the man behind utterly scrumptious Ducati builds, this Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON by XTR Pepo is no different.

When Ducati came up with its Scrambler range a couple or so years ago, the idea was to create a basic bike capable of a vast number of duties. It was to be a simple bike that served a different purpose for each of its owner. For some it was a nifty little city commuter, for some it was a return of an old icon and then for some it was going back to the times when the bikes were much simple and accessible.

This also meant that the Scrambler was designed with an idea that it will be customised a lot. In fact Ducati itself promoted customisation with its own range of add on’s for Scrambler’s. That said, there have been numerous Scrambler customs already in the market and yet this stunning Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON from XTR Pepo manages to stand out and in style among all of them.

Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker by XTR Pepo - Custom Motorcycles

Just a look at it and it is evident that there is nothing regular about this Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON by XTR Pepo. However, knowing Pepo Rosell and expecting him to do a mundane build is a huge disrespect to his talent. Yours truly has been a fan of his creation since the Radical Ducati days and with XTR Pepo he has only taken that further.

Rosell returned to Ducati’s with this Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON that started life as a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Icon. Pepo wanted to have a tracker form for this built and it translated into a modification of the bikes stock chassis. A new custom rear subframe was added to the build joined by a modified swingarm from Ducati Sport Classic. The modified swingarm now has a detachable cantilever leading to a cantilever suspension on the Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON build.


Further (extensive) modifications on the Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON build over the stock bike comes in the form of OEM footrest support that now has been modified for single rider. The rear end of the build is a modification over the Scrambler Classic’s posterior while aluminium mudguards can be found doing duty at the front. You will also find neat and classy additions like a Tsubaki gold chain, custom XTR headlight and meter bracket, XTR build LED blinkers all around along with a XTR Pepo registration number plate holder. Other XTR Pepo special additions are XTR side plate number and a XTR two in one exhaust system made by Super Mario with Termignoni silencer.

Pepo Rosell kept the stock Scrambler dashboard for his Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON build while adding a Mash 500 Scrambler front light with grid into the mix. The tail light is Lucas type while the wheels are from the Scrambler Classic stock supply and are wire spokes. The Scramblers already have a pretty decent braking setup hence it continues to do duty here as well without any modifications. However, Pepo did reposition the ABS box on the bike with new Frentubo brake lines. The search for a perfect handlebar ended with a Monster 1200 stock conical unit mounted on Rizoma tall handlebar supports and wearing Domino grips.

Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker by XTR Pepo


Further XTR Pepo special additions on the Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON build came in the form of Vicma CNC machined mirrors, LIPO Battery, Ducati De Luxe 250 (1962) modified fuel tank for mount Scrambler OEM fuel pump and gas cap. Modifications meant that Electrical wiring and ECU required repositioning and so did the stock airbox that was replaced by a custom inlet manifold with grid. Pepo also went ahead with the reprogramming of ECU especially for the sport mode. The nicely done seat is a 1970 Ossa Enduro 250 unit while the stunning paintwork was carried out by Pintumoto and Artenruta and these photographs were clicked by Cesar Godoy for XTR Pepo. You can also head to XTR Pepo for more.

Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker by XTR Pepo-2 Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker by XTR Pepo-10 Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker by XTR Pepo - Custom Motorcycles Regolarita Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker by XTR Pepo Rear Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker - Custom Motorcycles Ducati Scrambler ICON Tracker by XTR Pepo-1

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