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September 30th, 2016

Renault TREZOR Electric GT is Retro-Futuristic Awesomeness

The 2016 Paris Motor Show, it seems has been taken over by future electrics and we aren’t sure if we like this development. However, what we are definitely sure of is that we love the way Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept looks. The Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept can be taken as the spiritual successor of the 2010 DeZir concept. However, it takes further the red sports car’s representation that stage in our lives when all we can think of is falling in love. The TREZOR GT reflects on the next stage, that of commitment. The 2010 concept signaled towards the future design philosophy of the Renault-Nisan alliance. And this is exactly what this new electric concept does. Some similarities with the latest generation Megane are clearly evident in those L-shaped light strips under the headlights, among others.

Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept

Beyond the minor similarities, the Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept has nothing to share with any car. It has arrived with enormous proportions that usually occur in the concept world only. The electric concept is 4700mm long, 2180mm wide while being just 1080mm tall. The concept’s rear track measures 58mm and a wheelbase that stands at 2776mm. Thus it is far from any real world thing you would expect, but then it is an authentic show car. And not to forget it is utterly striking and beautiful, especially in details. Such dimensions along with low height means the drag coefficient is just 0.22 signaling a good maximum range. Renault wanted to create an extremely low Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept. This was achieved by splitting the battery pack in two parts with individual cooling system.

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Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept

The splitting of battery pack on the Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept also meant Renault achieved optimal weight distribution. Though Renault did not disclose any performance figures, it did let out that the motor is derived from company’s two-time Formula E winning car. The Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept gets 360bhp and 380Nm torque in a rear-wheel drive arrangement. Renault has benchmarked the car to do 0-62mph under 4 seconds. Interestingly, the Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept weighs only 1600kg, which is pretty low for an EV. This should give the car enough power-to-weight ratio to fend-off any big number making rival, read Tesla.


Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept

On the exterior design front, the Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept doesn’t get any doors. Instead, what you get is a hood and a canopy that pushes up and forward to let occupants move in-and-out. Wonder what our McDonalds loving bellies would say for that. The car seats two in a sea of crimson colour, even the windows are crimson, meaning you won’t feel out of place even on Mars. If you are wondering how you will drive this Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept with weirdly coloured windscreen, fret not. The car has an autonomous drive mode, however, should you feel adventurous, there is neutral and sports mode as well. Renault takes the excuse, ‘it’s a concept!’ bit further with smart (sort of) lighting arrangement.

Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept

The exterior lighting signature of the car changes in autonomous mode to let everyone outside know the AI is in control and they can be really afraid or happy, depending on their thoughts on autonomous driving. Then there is that hexagonal steering wheel that can expand. It is so that the driver can get a panoramic view of the entire dashboard. No, don’t ask us why a driver would need that. Thus, this Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept is pretty crazy as a concept should be. It looks outrageous (in a good sense), has impractical interior (crimson windscreen, really?), is bold and well, something. However, this is why we love it too. If only Renault squeezes some of this stuff into its series models.

Renault TREZOR Electric GT concept

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