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January 14th, 2016

Designers are upping their innovation game by converting rundown places into sexy spaces that look absolutely cool. This warehouse turned loft in Poland by Loft Kolasinski is an icon of such designs. The Karolina Bak loft had originally been a hub for marmalade and in keeping with the orange throwback, the rustic brick-work walls are a bright scarlet! The brick color heavily reminds us of marmalade in this loft.

Kolasinski Loft Close UpKolasinski Loft FurnitureKolasinski Loft InsideKolasinski Loft InteriorKolasinski Loft WallKolasinski Loft ZoomKolasinski Loft

Photography © Karolina Bak

Thanks to the stylistic sense of the architectural and designing team Loft Kolasinski turned this industrial building into a signature Kolasinski loft with minimalist overtones. The structure is rugged but the way white has been used, this Kolasinski loft appears warm. Every nook and corner is used cleverly. Notably, this Kolasinski loft houses symmetric furniture that is geometric as well as sleek.

The Minimalistic Vibe Of The Loft

The ceiling overlay work comes in brick form and the vintage light shades are very minimalist too. In keeping with the compact theme of the loft design, the designer has added furniture complementing the color scheme well enough. The floor is in woodwork but not high polish. Therefore, the Pre-World War II vibes are still up for the world to see.

H/T: Airows

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