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March 8th, 2017

Staying in luxury hotels and resorts are all about exclusivity and special treatments. But not all hotels and resorts will give you an opportunity to drive a Porsche during your stay with them.  However, this resort at Rancho Santa Fe, California will give you the keys of a Porsche if you wish to take a spin around the city in it. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa is a 45-acre luxury resort in Rancho Santa Fe, California. They have teamed up with Porsche of San Diego for a self drive Porsche Program. Under this program, the resort offers its guests the Panamera and the Boxster as the self drive Porsche cars during their stay.

Self drive Porsche

To avail this offer, the guests will have to give the resort a copy of their driving license and insurance papers. The guests interested in driving one of these luxury sports cars can also get help from the concierge of Rancho Valencia on which places to visit in the city.

Simon Chem, General Manager, Valencia Resort says that “At Rancho Valencia, we want to ensure our guests are experiencing the standard of luxury afforded at the resort throughout their entire stay in the destination”. She further adds that “This program allows us to continue to offer an enhanced experience, even when they’re outside the vicinity of the resort exploring everything San Diego has to offer.”

A Porsche certified concierge will give the guest a detailed overview of the models and can even help them in buying and customising one of the self-drive Porsche models at the resort itself. A point worth noting is that these vehicles are available on first-come-first-serve basis. The Guests can take these cars at any time but will have to return it within four hours of their delivery time.

The resort has been reopened in 2012 after an extensive renovation costing $30 million; Rancho Valencia is the only luxury resort which offers their guests to self drive Porsche cars on a complimentary basis. One thing which is certainly clear here is that the Rancho Valencia luxury resort truly values its guests. This program undoubtedly gives living in luxury hotels a new definition.

Image source – Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

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