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on April 21st, 2017

As spring comes to full bloom, we head out to travel across Europe and meet friends who, like us, are waiting for the frost to melt away so that they can get the first taste of fresh asphalt. Tony Vos is a friend who enjoys racing fast cars fast. He has been racing for more than a decade now across Germany. His next stint with motorsport is planned for next year’s spring for which his car is coming to shape. What he is preparing to start the racing season in 2018 is in every way a Porsche of biblical proportions, a legend in its own might. A special Porsche 935 that he loves to call The Blue Whale.

The Porsche 935 is a legend in every meaning of the word. Based on the Porsche 930 that started life as a not-so-modest sportscar, the homologation-special Porsche 935 came in tunes that would have two KKK turbo chargers bolted to its bottom to jump its power up to 1500 horsepower.

The Porsche 930- generation was never built with modesty in mind. As the first Porsche to ever come fitted with forced induction, the 930 was made to perform from the get go. While 260bhp might not sound a lot today, in 1972 it would have been certainly enough, considering the light weight of the car and an early generation turbocharger’s ways with turbo lag. The later 3.3litre cars were the ones that this 935 was based on were even more vivid to drive, proving quite the handful at 330bhp at their peak production state of tune.

Group 5 Porsche 935 For Historic Racing-1

This Porsche 935 is build up from the racing special 911 RSR Turbo that raced in the 1980s and 81 at Norisring, ADAC 1000km Rennen, Hockenheim, Mainz Finthen and Bielstein Cup in Germany. It has the 930 engine and the 4 speed gearbox that came along with the 1972 car, but has the body from the original Porsche 911 to keep the weight at its lightest. The car is now in the hands of Peter Prosten, one the most capable person you could ever find for the 935.

Peter Prosten of Prosten Motorsport is an ex-racing driver and one of the mechanics behind the scenes wrenching the huge racing success’ the Porsche 935 enjoyed back in the late 1970s and early 80s. He won the 6 hours of  Spa racing tandem with Edgar Doeren and worked with the legendary Klaus Ludwig on the Porsche 935 that Ludwig took to victory at the 1979 Le Mans under harrowing rain.

The 911 RSR Turbo was build to 935 spec back in the 80s by Arno Kühnl and was racing by Franz Weigl between 1991 and 1996 at the Special Tourenwagen Trophy (STT), Divinol Cup, Veedol Langstrecken Pokal Nürburgring. The car has tasted tarmac from Nürburgring, SPA, Hockenheim, A1-ring, Zolder and countless other tracks back in the day.

Porsche 911 RSR Turbo’s early days of racing

Peter Prosten, who is now retired from professional motorsport handles a quiet Porsche workshop on the outskirts of Cologne. It’s here where Tony and Peter came together to decide on rebuilding the Porsche 935 to race spec and prepare it for next year’s historic racing events. The car you see here is now ready as a Group 5 935 K2 spec; which translates to a six-cylinder 3.3litre singe turbo engine, that depending on the boost pressure puts out 500 to 650 horsepower on a car that tips the scales at 1080kg.

Group 5 Porsche 935 For Historic Racing CoolnVintage-12

Seeings cars like the Porsche 935 are a rarity, specially in Europe. After Group 5 was discontinued in 1982, most of the 935s that were racing here where shipped to North America to compete in the IMSA GTP category. Tony’s machine is one of those very few, and it would be fantastic to see its journey as it goes from test runs this year and onto racing next year.

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