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September 28th, 2015

As a part of a new initiative the Stuttgart-based German sportcar maker Porsche has launched a historic motorsport and racing program. In this new program, Porsche will encourage owners of vintage cars to be raced on the track while providing comprehensive support in service in Germany and the USA. These racing events will pay homage to the iconic Porsche cars that have been victorious in some of the biggest historic races such as the 24-hour LeMans, Daytona as well as having lifted memorable trophies in 1000-km events on legendary racing circuits such as Nurburgring and Spa-Francorchamps. The company will help owners restore their vintage racing cars to as close to their original form.

To commemorate this occasion, Porsche brought out the iconic 917 to the Willow Springs race circuit. The 917 gave the company their first overall win at the 24-hour LeMans in 1970 and then again in 1971. Powered by a Type 912 flat-12 engine, the Porsche 917 was capable of doing 0-100kmph sprints in less than 2.3 seconds, 0-200 kmph in 5.3 seconds and could accelerate all the way up to 390kmph!

The Porsche 917k was the short-tail version of the original 917. This was one of the eleven variants of the race car that featured a shorter, more upswept tail that gave the car more high-speed stability. This very car dominated the World Sportscar Championships in 1970 and 1971.

This specific Porsche 917k has been restored by Porsche Motorsport North America over a period of three years, exactly to its 1971 condition and rests at the company’s museum in Zuffenhausen. This is the very car that won the 1000-km race held at Spa-Francorchamps in 1971.

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