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December 14th, 2015

RH Modern Lighting Collection.

Lights and lighting can flicker on or off the best charms of any space.  The latest collection from Restoration Hardware (RH) Modern has been launched and its stunning items only reveal how luxury can make way into something as commonplace as lights.

RH Modern- An Icon

RH Modern is a leading luxury brand that caters to the segment of home furnishings and offers a variety of product lines that comprise lighting, furniture, textiles, baby products and everything related to décor. Its design sensibility is classic with a minimalist approach to contemporary art.

Top Chandelier Designs From RH Modern

RH Modern ChandelierThe metallic vibe-inspired Round collection from Cannelle line showcases the solid geometry of strong lines. Apt for smaller lounges and penthouse style apartments, this light piece inspires us with a sturdy frame. Beauty lies in its simplicity.

RH Modern ChandelierBoule De Crystal is yet another eye catcher in the Round It is made from polished nickel, topped up with real crystal cut to perfection. It comes in three different finishes.

RH Modern ChandelierThe Linear collection impresses us with its Aquataine line of chandeliers. It is akin to a shooting star falling steadily onto Earth, at first glance. The finish is again in nickel and we love the neatness of design.

Whitney Collection

Whitney collection is inspired from pristine white. The full form chandelier is a study in sharp contrast. The finishes available are that of brass and nickel. The lamp shades are in pure white. The balloon-like shape adds dimension to the innovative chandelier. RH Modern takes the bulb design to newer places.

Stratton Collection

Bulb meets geometry in the Stratton collection from RH Modern. The chandelier is not very innovative at first glance but once this is lit, you get to see the beams of light creating a bright effect thanks to the geometrically round perimeter.

Languedoc Collection

For those who do not like bling, this white metal finished brushed chandelier is a must-pick. The symmetrical table lamp shape adds classic touches to the modern feel. Very breezy inn appeal, we love this chandelier because it can suit almost any space without much thought. This is available in brass, bronze and nickel finishes.

Blair Collection

The Blair collection is apt for any office space. It is so muted that it fits into any decor. Not very over-the-top, the collection of chandeliers are based on a monochrome black thematic. The bright light contrasts against the dark black to create a marvellous effect when flicked on. Again, available in polished nickel and burnished brass finishes.

Raimond Zafu Collection

The Raimond Zafu collection reminds us of the circus motorcycle wheel of our childhood. Done up in a fantasy web-like design, the chandelier is not lightweight or chunky. It is meant to blend into huge spaces that allow the total effect to come out clearly.

Raimond Collection

A smaller version of the Zafu collection, the Raimond collection of chandeliers is a vision of an artist who sees the world as a mesh. The criss-crossing metal lines make for a completely outwardly  effect when the chandelier is lit up.

Bonnington Collection

The Bonnigton collection is very old British—almost Edwardian lighting inspired. Reminds us of Downton Abbey! The chandeliers are heavyweight and they cause overlapping light patterns to emerge from within. The crystal used is not faux and the stylish pattern reminds us of the vintage chandeliers of the past.

With so many awesome patterns to select from, the RH Modern chandelier collection is your best bet to find the best ones in town. From a drawing room lighting scheme to grand ballroom chandelier pick, these mind-blowing designs could astound you. Come fall in love with lights and the way they light up rooms or spaces.

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