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April 21st, 2016

You might heard all sort of good news about the new 2016 Ford Mustang. You might have heard that it is a properly fast car with the correct handling that makes it ahead and above any iconic American muscle car. You might have also heard, that its no more a slouch when it sees a corner, and many more compliments that it deserves for being what it is in the modern perspective of things. While the Mustang brand slumbered through the 80’s and the 90’s, it was the beginning of the 2000’s when it all started to come together once again… and what we see now in 2016 is the summing up of all those decades of learnings into a true globally-appealing sportscar. The new 2016 car has all that you need for spirited driving – fully independent suspensions on all fours and a limited slip differential that keeps the gargling 435bhp of power coming from the 5.0-litre V8 (526bhp for the 5.2 V8) in check with the direction you want it to be dispersed with flair and poise. It’s 6-piston Brembo brake calliper would do the job of stopping well too, but today i want to tell you all about a different Mustang, older but with so much more appeal.

When was the last time you heard that a Mustang was ‘cool’. It surely wasn’t in the last few years, and it most definitely wasn’t during the 80’s and the 90’s. In fact, the cool-factor of the Mustang in most cases arose during the 60’s and more or less died out by the end of the 70’s. Back then, it wasn’t just cool because it was new. It was cool because that combination of speed, poise and character was never heard of. It’s long bonnet that was in a different time zone from the driver and the sloping fastback rear was such an iconic shape. It was sheer beauty and grandeur. It is this very silhouette that captures the imagination when hearing the word Mustang. And recently an American firm has brought one more of these classic beauties to life with their very own twist of insanity.

This 1965 Mustang “Espionage” is the result of the effort of two brothers Jim and Mike ring, who run a custom building setup by the name of Ringbrothers. As the name suggests, the car chosen is a 1965 Mustang where “Espionage” is their way of paying homage to the spy movies of the 60’s that made the original Mustang ever so popular. And the similarities end just about there.

Ringbrothers made a copy of the original 65′ Fastback body and added two inches of girth to it on each side. Being masters at play with carbon, they decided that they wanted to make the new body entirely out of carbo fibre and then give it a very unassuming, BASF Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne paint colour that they would aptly call “Spy Green”.

Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Rear Right Quarters

Lightness taken care of, when it came to the engine, Ringbrothers wanted only the best under the hood. This demand was met by Wegner Motorsports who put together a 427 cubic inch (7.0-litre) LS7 strapped with a Whipple supercharger pushing out a total power output of … wait for it… 959bhp and 858 ft-lb (1163 Nm) of torque! To ensure that these massive beasty numbers reach the rear wheels without ripping apart the gearbox and drive train, a six-speed Tremec T56 transmission sends all the power to the 9″ rear end via a custom made driveshaft. Now when such enormous power is applied on tarmac, things are expected to move fast, quite fast. To help slow the “Espionage” down when needed, Baer send the guys massive 14-inch discs along with 6S brake callipers to put on each corner.

Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Front Left Quarters

Ringbrothers haven’t disclosed prices of the “Espionage”, but by the area covered in carbon fibre one could get a approximate ballpark figure and a price tag that would fall in the “not cheap” category. The $36,000 price tag of the 2016 Mustang might be a bargain when compared to the “Espionage”, but the later carries the gorgeous charm of the original stuffed with the firepower of a small-ish, chemical rocket.

H/T: Silodrome

Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Front Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Front Right Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Front Left Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Fuel Cap Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Taillights Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Front 3 Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Front Left Quarters 2 Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Right Side Profile Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Door Handles Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang Espionage Interior

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