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November 26th, 2015

Seiko Ripley SCED035 silverYou can now own a full – size, futuristic-looking chronograph recreated by Japanese watchmaker Seiko who is reissuing its classic gray Chronograph Sport 100 (model 7A28-7000) watch worn by Sigourney Weaver AKA Ripley the alien butt-kicker in the sequel to one of the scariest films of all time ‘Alien’. Originally conceived by a car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the watch was far ahead of its time in terms of design and was part of Seiko’s move towards true quartz and chronographs in the late 1960s. In short, it is a cult favorite.Seiko Ripley SCED035 and SCED037These watches are reissues, not replicas, so there are some differences from the original. The extra pusher and crown are both gone from the left side of the watch, giving it a more streamlined look. While the Ripley reissue models will include the gray SCED035 and the black SCED037, both will still sport their unique pusher design with set of chronograph buttons that stick straight up on either end of a large metallic bar on the side of the case. The extra metal makes it easy to get to the buttons in a hurry, which is perfect for the Aliens protagonist. They are in fact just extensions of the regular buttons, which are hidden inside the removable sidepiece.

Seiko Ripley black SCED037
Seiko Ripley silver SCED035

In lieu of wearing Ripley’s exact watch, these re-vamped Seiko watches are pretty solid options for fans or collectors out there. And if you simply need a new watch and don’t care about Aliens, this is a neat choice for you, too. This limited-edition Seiko x Giugiaro Design watch is available on the company’s Japanese website.

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