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The science tells us that our beloved planet consists 71 percentage of water, which for the fishes might be great news, but for petrolheads like us it doesn’t leave a lot of planet to go burning rubber on. So imagine our excitement when the great folks at Maranello decided to have something that could keep a thorough petrolhead interested in the liquid part of the world and created the Riva Ferrari 32 alongside the big name in Yacht business, Riva. The 1990 Riva Ferrari 32 you see in these pictures is both gorgeous to behold and is very very red.

Established way back in 1842, Riva started from the Lake Iseo in Italy and is known to be the king of excellence in the Yachting business. As the story goes, Riva, which is named after the founder of the company, Pietro Riva, was formed, after a giant storm that decimated the whole area and destroyed the boats of local fishermen. It was Riva, who was a craftsman, who took it on himself to repair the majority of the wreckage and his legend helped creating a company that still goes strong in its business. With Riva known for its unparalleled style and personality, it shares a lot with its fellow country great, Ferrari and it was only a matter of time that the two of Italy’s big legends collaborated together to create something special that paid homage to both their histories. The fruit of their combined efforts was this ultra rare Riva Ferrari 32.

Riva Ferrari 32 Front

The Riva Ferrari 32 was defined by its size, where the number 32 stood for the length of this rare Yacht which was 32 feet. This sort of length, as per the maker, Riva gave this Riva Ferrari 32 a seamless connection to its surroundings with epitome of luxury and speed. The Riva Ferrari had a large spacious sleeping cabin that was located below the watercrafts bow. This gorgeous craft on water was powered by a twin 390 horsepower V-8s that were placed at the rear of the Riva Ferrari 32.

The engine on the Riva Ferrari 32, which belonged to the Vulcano 400 engine range, was designed to propel this luxury Yacht from Italy to a maximum speed of 100kmph in open waters.  To showcase Ferrari’s prowess at Formula 1, the Riva Ferrari had a hull design inspired by racing at Formula 1 and as painted in the legendary shade of Ferrari’s flagship colour, the Rosso Corsa Red while the carbon fiber spoiler aloft was also painted in the same vein. The equipment that the Riva Ferrari 32 had such as the extended transom, along with the other parts were all well ahead of their time at the boat’s year of production, 1990, and are exemplary examples of Ferrari’s indisputable elegance and Riva’s innovative sophistication.

Riva Ferrari 32 Rear

This gorgeous and an ultra rare 1990 Riva Ferrari 32 is the number 28th on the list that had only 40 units ever built and it will come with a trailer and a boat cover. Also this particular Riva Ferrari 32 has seen just 78 hours of being captained in the sea meaning it will be among the most well-preserved examples of its kind when it will be auctioned off the RM Sotheby’s on May 14th, 2016. It is interesting to note that the sleeping cabin and the water closet of the 1990 Riva Ferrari 32 have never been used. If you chose to know further, this auction ready 1990 Riva Ferrari 32 includes three sets of keys and signed paperwork from Riva to certify its originality also. It is expected to fetch anywhere between €180.000 – €220.000 at the auction on May14th.

So if you want to go speeding through the sea as much as you want to go all speedy into a circuit, then this Riva Ferrari 32 is up for grabs.

Riva Ferrari 32 Cabin

Riva Ferrari 32 Engine

Riva Ferrari 32 HangarRiva Ferrari 32 in Action

Riva Ferrari 32 Logo

Riva Ferrari 32 Sleeping Cabin

Riva Ferrari 32 Trailer

All images courtesy RM SOTHEBY’S

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