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August 21st, 2015

Indian Motorcycle maker (originally British) Royal Enfield has been having a perpetual high-time on the wheel of fortune. After their recent success of dethroning Harley-Davidson as the highest-selling cruiser maker, Royal Enfield is now set to enter the US market.

The Indian motorcycle maker will be entering the United States as a wholly-owned subsidiary called Royal Enfield North America and will be based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently RE North America plans to provide their motorcycles inside the US market, with future expansion possibility of reaching out to Canada and South America.

Since the past 15 years, Royal Enfield has been selling motorcycles in the US via third-party resellers. After seeing the potential and future possibility the brand new has decided to take the reigns in their own hands.

Rod Copes has been confirmed for taking up the role of President of Royal Enfield North America. According to him and other sources, RE plans to setup their own dealer network, while at the same time not neglecting other retailers who would want to sell their motorcycles.

The company will start their US operations with the first retail store in Milwaukee, the hard of Harley-Davidson. The company’s global headquarters will remain in Gurgaon India and the production of motorcycles will continue from Chennai, India … same place where the company has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1955.

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