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July 15th, 2016

Nothing in this world can truly be compared to the absolute cool quotient of a properly maintained land Rover from the olden times, and we are pretty sure that the Land Rover is by far among the most iconic automobiles that have ever been created. Ask us what we would truly like to in our lives, chances are, driving across the length and breadth of this third rock from the sun in a proper vintage Land Rover Defender would be high up in our list of dreams. This is one of the reasons that we admire the hugely talented blokes at Cool&Vintage too, for they are gifted team of passionate people who are not just another classic car dealers, but who understands the legacy and the significance of the classic, such as the Land Rover’s and present them to the world in a way that not many can do. We love the way they photograph the classic cars they have in their collection as to showcase that these cars are still as relevant and as ready as ever to hit the roads and bring back the times when the world was a much happier place. Saying that, looking at these pictures of this absolutely mesmerizing Sand Land Rover Series 3, we have been bit by a severe wanderlust and if only we could have taken this incredible looking Sand Land Rover Series 3 and not worry about anything else.

Sand Land Rover Series 3 Rear

It is said that three out of four Land Rover’s ever made are still on the road, meaning there are more than 1.5million of these tough as rock and go anywhere marvels of British engineering out there in the world, and still whenever we look at one, we go week on our knees and fall in love with them all over again. This particular Sand Land Rover Series 3 takes the sheer epic-ness of this iconic 4×4 to another level with its industrial build to last body painted in the colour of sand while the wheels are tastefully done in a limestone shade and we wonder if there could be anything more captivating and more emotive than this Sand Land Rover Series 3. It also includes a sand canvas hood and the front deluxe seats are made up of black vinyl while the car has been restored to one of the finest levels which we have seen in a long long time.

Sand Land Rover Series 3 Side

This Sand Land Rover Series 3 is pristine, elegant, mesmerizing and seems ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure every single time to take it out for a drive. What else would you ever need? For more information on the same you can visit Cool&Vintage and as always you can give us your views in the comments section below.

Sand Land Rover Series 3

Sand Land Rover Series 3 Doors

Sand Land Rover Series 3 Front

Sand Land Rover Series 3 Rear Three Quarter

Sand Land Rover Series 3

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