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December 11th, 2015

Sotheby’s hosted its Important Watches Sale at Geneva that saw the Schmid & Muller collection of watches going for the highest bid of $1.3 million. The collection is world famous for being one of the unique ones comprising products from the Swatch stable. The entire collection has 4000-plus items that included both watches as well as watch design sketches or prototypes.

The Icon Called Swatch At Its Important Watches Sale

Schmid & Muller's Swatch Collection 2 Schmid & Muller's Swatch Collection 3 Schmid & Muller's Swatch Collection 5

The collection of pieces dates back to the 1980s when Marlyse Schmid and Bernard Muller came together to create some fine gems in watch making history. Since then, these designers have been respected as names that changed the face of Swatch’s concept renders. Let us not forget that Swatch has become a synonym for watches that stand symbolic of pop style and minimalistic internal components.

A Tribute To The “Second Watch”

Schmid & Muller's Swatch Collection 7 Schmid & Muller's Swatch Collection 6 Schmid & Muller's Swatch Collection 4

Swatch meant the new cool of the 80’s. Not many know that the name was an acronym of the words- second watch! Today we love the pop colored straps, the bold patterns and the funky look of a Swatch. The Sotheby’s sale only reminded us of the origin of this iconic line of watches.

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