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    September 29th, 2017

    Testa – Piatta is Italian for flathead, the engine type that has its valves places on the sides of the block. The Testa – Piatta is an engine that’s most favoured on bobbers motorcycles, where its better low end combined with the overall bobber design philosophy of removing all excess unwanted weight from the motorcycle results in a machine that’s quite fruity when squeezing the gas.

    The Testa – Piatta is a watch created by Scuderia Contatempo.Creation of Enrico Margaritelli, a third generation watchmaker who inspires from everything good about Italian design and craftsmanship, and of course, motorcycles. His inspirations are quite evident in his watches, with their flamboyant design with more attention towards curves that flat surfaces. The watch is enclosed in a high-quality metal casing and feature straps made from genuine leather. The watch is quite thin at 12mm and is available in both quartz and Swiss automatic movement options.

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