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November 3rd, 2016

Seiko New Riders Chronograph Is Meant Purely For Motorcycle Riders

While there are a lot of unique special edition watches that are available for car guys, motorcycle riders largely have to do with generic adventure and outdoor watches. Not that there is anything wrong with that, or that a watch is quite that useful to a rider who is covered in motorcycle riding gear, limited-edition automotive watches have a unique charm and collectors pride associated with them. And now, for a change, Japanese watchmaker Seiko has come up with a new limited-edition Riders Chronograph for motorcyclists that specifically enhances their timekeeping capabilities.

Seiko and Giugiaro aren’t new to collaborating with each other. The Italian designer behind Italdesign has created limited edition watches with the Japanese watchmaker for decades now with specials such as the Ripley’s chronograph inspired by the movie Aliens. This time around, the duo has re-created the Riders chronograph that was first developed in the 1980s. The watch dial is tilted by 15-degree to make it easier for motorcycle rider to read the time when their hands are placed on the handlebars. To further help in readability of the watchface while riding, the Seiko x Giugiaro Riders chronograph has its watch face tilted 5-degrees towards the rider’s line of sight.

Seiko x Giugiaro Riders Chronograph 2

Seiko x Giugiaro Riders Chronograph 3

Seiko x Giugiaro Riders Chronograph has the dial tilted at 15-degrees for easy readability while riding a motorcycle.

The Seiko x Giugiaro Riders chronograph is a 1,500 example, limited edition watch that would be available for sale from November 11. It is powered by a quartz movement operated by battery and is constructed in stainless steel with plastic straps. The watch is also waterproof upto 10atm which is good enough for day to day use on the motorcycle. With the chronograph, the watch gets stopwatch functionality, calendar and date functions. The Seiko x Giugiaro Riders chronograph will be available for a price of 35,000 Yen, which is equivalent to $340.

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