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December 16th, 2015

Whiskey is a drink everyone swears by. Yes, even those non-loyalists who shift gear to Chardonnay or Marsala, keep coming back to whiskey thanks to the variety of cocktails it can make. Why not try the Whiskey Smash this Christmas season to make your party miss a beat with its sour texture and fresh feel? The whiskey smash is christened so because the mint leaves, sugar and some lemon are smashed up together to create a punch at the base of the glass. The sweetness is balanced by the sour punch of lemon and the mint simply balances both extreme tastes.

How To Make Whiskey Smash?

Whiskey Smash Recepie

Image © Nicole Franzen

All you got to do is throw these three ingredients together and smash them using the back of a spoon. Easy peasy you see. Once it’s bashed up well, add some whiskey—Irish will be the best pick here. Finally shake them all up and pour it into a jar or a tumbler—anything you have at hand!

Do not forget to crush some ice and top the cocktail up. For the garnishing, a sprig of mint is always the neatest trick. So give five minutes to make it and two minutes to lap it up—the Whiskey Smash could be the heart of your party this season.

H/T: The Wanderlust Kitchen

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