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September 1st, 2016

We are seldom inspired by new custom builders and it is not usual for us to feature builders from Indian origin. However, the Indian born Sinroja siblings, Rahul and Birju have decided to change things here and have made us stand up and notice the great work they have been doing since 2015. The build in concern is this gorgeous R3 build based on the custom builder favourite BMW R100. Even though, Sinroja Motorcycles was established just last year in 2015, it has managed to create a place for itself with the much talked about R1 and the R2 builds. Just like their previous builds, this Sinroja R3 is also based on the BMW R100 Airhead, however, this time around the Sinroja brothers have decided to create a BMW R100 cafe racer instead of brat style motorcycle like their previous build.

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer Right Profile

The build was commissioned by James, who was inspired by Sinroja Motorcycles level of detailing on the R1, a BMW R80 based scrambler, when it was showcased at the Bike Shed show in London. For James, Sinroja brothers decided to go for a café racer stance. For the same it was decided that the build will have a custom welded subframe, a set of clip ons, fat tyres, wire spoke wheels, a custom exhaust while the industry-favourite Motogadget electricals were a sure inclusion. We are glad that Sinroja went with this flat baby blue paint on the BMW R100 cafe racer which contrasted well with the dark theme. Initially the plan was to use a R80 however, after James showed his concern regarding the engine might not suit his desired riding experience, Sinroja’s settled down for a 1993 BMW R100 R Monolever.

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer

Sadly though, even after a correct bike was in their shed, Sinroja Motorcycles faced another 2 month delay since they had to shift their shop after neighbour’s complaint that they were operating out of residential property. With a new place finalized, the work on the Sinroja R3 BMW R110 R began in earnest. The BMW R100 had a carb setup which James loved. The first thing Sinroja brother paid attention was on the bikes engine. The BMW R100 cafe racer powerplant was made to go through a thorough overhaul with newer and better parts replacing almost all of its seals, valves, piston rings, gaskets, etc. As per Rahul, they have basically created a zero hour engine for this Sinroja R3 BMW R110 R build. The engine now had enough power while all the cases received aqua blast and then fresh coat of black paint.

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer suspension rear right

The Sinroja R3 BMW R110 R build gets R1 shocks up front. Most of the bespoke machine for the build was done by Fastec Custom Racing. We loved how Sinroja Motorcycle got their logo laser etched into the front of the top clamp. The logo in itself is fetching. For the build a recess was added to the top clamp for the Motogadget speedo and warning lights. The Bikes rear suspension is a custom made Hagon shock while the braking has been improved by EBC performance brakes. The custom exhaust assembly that runs under the belly of the bike and exit beneath the tail is beautiful to look at. The exhaust is build from brushed stainless steel by Zorstec while its pipes follow the same lines of the bike frame. The custom subframe has the seat mounted on it while the old frame was powder-coated for longevity.

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer rear front left 5

Sinroja Motorcycles gave the Sinroja R3 BMW R110 R build custom machined alloy fuel cap with their emblem. The clip-ons have Hayabusa controls 2while the flat baby blue tank gets shiny metallic black pinstripes. For the rest of the BMW R100 cafe racer build, a custom Towza Tronic loom was used. It sends the information via a Motogadget ignition unit. We also liked the choice of the Bates style headlight with vertical grill. As expected, the rear gets LED lighting which has been slung between and on the either side of the muffler.

If you are as deeply impressed as us by the work Sinroja Motorcycles has done a machine called the Sinroja R2, which is a BMW R110 R build, do not forget to tell us about it in the comments section below.

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer suspension tank

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer suspension front right

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer suspension

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer grips

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer exhaust

Sinroja R3 BMW R100 cafe racer rear front left

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