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November 6th, 2017

One of the most entertaining car commercials ever on TV has been ‘The Sculptor’ by Peugeot in 2003. This featured an Indian man turning his beat-up Hindustan Ambassador into a 206 supermini using only his off-beat ingenuity. The full video is below.

Recently however, in celebration of Peugeot’s buyout of the now defunct Ambassador brand, the folks at Top Gear UK have decided to recreate the car as seen in the commercials. The only change being an upgrade from the 206 to a more up-to-date 208 GTI. They sourced actual 208 GTI headlights, wheels, taillights, a grille, badges and sent them off to an outfit in Pune, India, who are already working on the donor Ambassador. Watch this space as we bring you more details when the project takes final shape. In the meantime, check out the actual car from the adverts here, unbelievably with only a 100 km on the clock. Via Top Gear UK

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