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Once again this year, the Spa Classic proves that it remains the major event of Peter Auto’s historic racing calendar outside the Le Mans Classic that is held every two years. Here’s how this year’s event was.

This is my second edition of the Spa Classic and I must say that I was not disappointed. Beyond the quality of the circuit which remains mythical, we must recognise that everything is done so that the spectators get the best of the event. Outside the pitlane are some more dangerous places like the “Raidillon” and the hairpin of “La Source”, the spectators can indulge with every aspect of these period-correct cars that bellow and bark at every undulation on the circuit presenting fantastic aural entertainment to the crowds. To top it up, this year, the weather was also very mild and sunny throughout the weekend, a rather rare sight at Spa.

On the grid, there was little change except for the replacement of the “Trofeo Nastro Rosso” with “The Greatest Trophy” because of the lack of sufficient Italian cars and the creation of the new “2.0L cup” with only Porsche 911 2.0L of the Sixties.

As for endurance, we were served with no less than 34 Group C Racing cars including a Peugeot 905evo1 bis, 5 XJR-XX jaguars and a dozen Porsche 962s. Among CER1, we could see a superb Porsche 917 Can-Am ex Jo Siffert and a Ferrari 512S already visible last year and Chantilly Arts & Elegance. In CER2, no surprises with the usual Porsche 935, Lola, Chevron, BMW M1 or 3.0 CSL and Ford Capri in “Heritage Touring Cup” always pleasant to see.

Finally, still on the sidelines of Peter Auto Official series, the organisers of the Global Endurance Legends have obtained some beautiful models like a Venturi LM600 or a Toyota Supra Bi-Turbo too rare on the European circuits. Waiting already next year, here are some pictures of this event.

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