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June 16th, 2017

The Garage leather jacket from premium riding gear brand Spidi, is an innovative offering combining classic-retro styling coupled with revolutionary protection. Made from premium cowhide tanned in Italy, it has water proof material on the outside and is equipped with Warrior Lite armour for improved impact protection.

Spidi Garage Leather Jacket 4

The shoulders and elbows are equipped with Warrior Lite Level 1 armour and CE-certified level 2 back protector for better safety and support. Thew Garage Leather jacket also features vents for better air ventilation for those sunny days. Engineered for protection and designed for comfort, this vintage era style jacket from Spidi is one hell of a good looking piece of riding kit, especially for the lovers of the classic motorcycle style like scramblers, cafe racers, etc. Although the jacket does miss out on a fully removable liner, it still gets adjustable cotton inner lining. Spidi Garage Leather jacket is a beautiful and lethal combination of badass looks, insane comfort and tough as nails protection. More info here.

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