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August 11th, 2017

The Spin-R R2 is the latest iteration of Hong Kong based Spin-R’s app-controlled watch winders. This device’s sleek and minimalist design uses impressively quiet Japanese motors, energy saving components and eco-friendly re-chargeable lithium ion batteries. The design incorporates a single on/off button while the rest of the functions are app-controlled. It’s unique feature though is that five Spin-R R2 devices can be stacked and used simultaneously from a single power outlet.

Spin-R R2 Watch Winder

Other features include a micro-fibre lined watch holding compartment, spring loaded to allow greater flexibility. The user can select from 9,000 pre-set watches or custom program it to suit their requirements. The app connects to the winder via Bluetooth 4.0 and can be used to control the inside LED light and winder. Battery life is an impressive 20 days. Coming in at $159, the Spin-R R2 watch winder is a good quality offering at a reasonable price. Head over to their website for more.

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