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September 29th, 2016

Sports Cars Still in Production 30-Years On

Legends rarely form overnight; it takes years before mere names get immortalised in history. The automotive world too, has its fair share of legends that has spawn their history through generations to reach the legacy they command. The car world has seen huge nameplates from family sedans to out-an-out sports cars which have been captivating petrolheads dreams since decades now. These are the models that continue to re-invent themselves in the constantly changing automotive landscape. Here we look at sports cars still in production after more than three decades of their inception.


In 1985, the BMW M3 arrived and the world was never the same again. The M3 did not just kick start a whole new segment, but also changed the way world perceived family sedans. The M3 breached the mentality that said family sedans had to be mundane. The M3 changed the perception that sporty performance was only the territory of harsh uncomfortable purpose built machines. The M3 proved that there can indeed be a car that could be everything and then much more. Starting off with the E30, which was caged and experimented upon by the BMW’s motorsport division, BMW M3 brought a paradigm shift in the world of cars. Even after all these years, it is one of the best sports cars still in production, the car continues to be the world’s most respected drivers delight.

BMW M3 - Sports Cars Still in Production


Porsche 911:

Simply put, legends can never get any better than this. The Porsche 911 is the legend among the legend and has a following that is second to none. By far the world’s most recognised automotive design; the Porsche 911 arrived in 1963 when it replaced the 356. The foundation that was laid more than five decades ago, established the mould that every model followed. We could go on and on about the Porsche 911 and the legend it is. We can go lengths to discuss why its legacy is beyond comparison and why the 911 is such an inspiration. But the truth is, the Porsche 911 is the world’s greatest supercar and will always be.

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

Ford Mustang:

A legend that needs no introduction or fancy words, the Ford Mustang is the epitome of everything American. No wonder, the Mustang has been the face of American car culture since it arrived way back in 1964. The biggest star of the muscle car folklore, the unashamed and raw interpretation of an automobile, the Mustang is irreplaceable. An integral part of the American pop culture the Mustang has captivated generations of petrolheads with its raw, free and powerful appeal. It began as a 2+2 coupe or convertible initially which added a fastback later. Then arrived the much more powerful and high-performance models such as GT, Mach 1, and Boss 302. In its fifth generation now, the Mustang still is stunning, powerful, authentically American muscle. The Mustang name is poised for many millennia’s to come.

1964 Ford Mustang

April 1964 Ford Mustang Introduction Road Rally

Ford Fiesta:

It made the term ‘Hot Hatch’ famous like no other. When it arrived in 1976 even Ford would not have thought it would become such a huge success. The Ford Fiesta is every bit an astonishing cars and has been the same all through its 7 generations. It was called ‘Bobcat’ during it development years, and has brought Ford great pride over the years. Small, light, and really fun to drive, the Fiesta has defined absolute hoot to drive family hatch. This little monster from Ford has also been a regular at World Rally events where it fondly destroys its rivals. And if that is not all, the latest generation Fiesta ST comes with a Drift Mode, What else do you need?

Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST

Mercedes-Benz SL:

Now that’s a nameplate that can be pretty much called the granddad of the sport car world. The ‘SL’ nameplate from Mercedes stable dates all the way back to 1954. And the legend says that the first ‘SL’, the iconic gullwing-ed 300SL coupe is still the most beautiful car ever designed. In German speak, SL meant “Sport Leicht,” or sport lightweight. It referred to the car’s aluminum body and tubular space frame. However, it didn’t take long before SL became synonymous with epic performance and absolute beauty combined in a single form. The first ever roadster SL arrived in 1957 and since then, every SL is last 60 years has been a convertible. The latest SL is a beast with options from a twin-turbo V6 up to a 621bhp twin-turbo V12.

Mercedes 300SL Roadster

Mercedes 300SL Roadster

So these are some of the absolute legendary sports cars still in production from the world of cars that have captivated generations. These cars have been enticing mankind for more than three decades at least. Have we forgotten your favourite in this list? Then do let us know in the comments section below.

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