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November 23rd, 2015

Star Wars’ fandom runs far and wide. Right from ‘Red bull racing’ an Austrian Formula One racing team to ‘Organisation Exploitation Compétition Automobile’ (ORECA); a French one. During 2005 Formula one season, both Red Bull Racing cars ran with the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Livery and, for this race in Monaco, the Red Bull Racing pit crew dressed up as Imperial Stormtroopers. Although, it didn’t help the team’s fortunes, as this was the first race where they failed to score points.

Orecha Motorsport Special Star Wars Livery by Gazzmaster

However, at the headquarters of the ORECA, instead of firing off frivolous tweets against the trends of Star wars’ latest drop ‘The Force Awakens’ releasing this Christmas of 2015; ORECA a company best known for a few really, really fast vehicles that compete in Le Mans, patiently and enormously anticipated about the same. The company was so fueled about the trailer that they released renderings of the ORECA 05 LMP2 chassis done up in Rebel and Imperial liveries by Gaazmaster and sent out the rendering to adoring fans.

ORECA Star Wars liveries top view one car still ORECA Star Wars liveries top view still

It may sound a little bizzare, but, now that we’re approaching Christmas, we’ll perhaps have that weathered looking rebel cars with Imperial one in hot pursuit, wont we? So would Astromech droids as cops ticketing one of the cars or as pit crews, but we’re again may be or maybe not, still very far off from that dream come true.

Source: 95Octane

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