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September 13th, 2016

Europeans have a knack for expeditions, wether it is on two or four wheels. One of their favourite locations to go exploring is the continent of Africa, home to countless rallies and raids such as the Safari Rally, once part of the WRC and the infamous Paris Dakar that once ran from the heart of France all the way to Dakar, Senegal. Following the footsteps of such legendary events, Barcelona-based motorcycle builder Fuel Motorcycles runs their very own nostalgia-trip which they call Scram Africa. In this adventure, participating riders take on a tough, gruelling 2,000km round journey that starts from Tangier at the tip of the African continent that borders Spain, all the way into the heart of Morocco, before heading back to the starting point via a different route. The unique thing about Scram Africa is that it’s limited only to lightweight Scrambler motorcycles, such as this BMW R100 scrambler here, which are best suited to tackle the terrain.

BMW R100 Scrambler Scram7 Left Side Profile BMW R100 Scrambler Scram7 Front Headlight

In fact, Fuel Motorcycles’ BMW R100 scrambler that they call Fuel SCRAM/7 is built exactly for this very purpose. The machine’s overall down-and-dirty approach is exactly what is expected from a proper scrambler build. The R100/7 was developed for a friend of the Spanish motorcycle atelier who wanted to participate in Scram Africa. The scrambler is based on a 1977 BMW R100/7 which receives its dirt pedigree by adding a complete Suzuki DR650 front end along with the 21-inch wheel. The rear suspensions on the SCRAM/7 received a welcomed Ohlins replacement to ensure proper damping is being achieved. Without these modifications in place, a BMW R100 scrambler would be quite impossible.

BMW R100 Scrambler

To ensure that the SCRAM/7 is a marathon runner, Fuel added a larger 17-litre fuel tank from a BMW R27, while getting an extra bit creative by adding a compass on the top of the tank. Fuel even replaced the stock oil pan with a custom unit to get better overall ground clearance from their custom BMW R100 scrambler. More scrambler styling came in from the addition of a modified Ural silencer, while for better handling a Maxxis Maxxcross rear and Pirelli Scorpion MX front tyres were added.

BMW R100 Scrambler Scram7 Tank Compass BMW R100 Scrambler Scram7 Tank

The Fuel SCRAM/7 BMW R100 scrambler reminds me of Steve McQueen’s motorcycles, specially the ones that he used for International Six Days Trials. While McQueen was more of a Bonneville kind of person, one look at this beautifully-rugged BMW R100 scrambler build and surely he wouldn’t have been able to resist having a go on it himself.

BMW R100 Scrambler Scram7 Front Right Quarters BMW R100 Scrambler Scram7 BMW R100 Scrambler Scram7 Exhaust

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