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M Staff


April 18th, 2017

What happens when a film director and stock broker James Glickenhaus and the legendary car designer Pininfarina decide to build a bespoke Ferrari that would be based on the Italian carmaker’s flagship supercar – The Ferrari Enzo. With the idea of making the Enzo visually more appealing while stretching its performance even further than what Maranello deemed aggressive. What you end up with is one super-exclusive masterpiece of a supercar with a Ferrari badge.

This has been the tale of how the Ferrari P4/5 came into existence. During the times of the Ferrari 540 and 550, the enthusiasts and admirers of the brand felt that the Pininfarina designed Ferrari cars were losing their design language and weren’t doing justice to how a Ferrari should look. Around the same time Pininfarina wanted to prove to his audience that his design language was being curtailed by none other than Ferrari, and if he was let to run his work without any limitations, he would be able to produce his best looking car yet.

In pursuit of creating the ultimate supercar design, he reached out to James Glickenhaus who was the perfect Ferrari enthusiast and parallely believed that the Italian isn’t doing justice to the designs of their supercars, specially the Enzo. With this chain of thinking, a bespoke, one off collaboration started to seed between the best automobile designer and the most hardcore Ferrari enthusiast in the world.

The team of James and Pininfarina felt that though the Enzo was a brilliant car, it wasn’t the prettiest looking Ferrari and also the handling of the car could be improved upon especially on the turn in.The Enzo according to James was heavily influenced by electronics which robbed the pure driving experience. It was evident that this was mainly due to the smaller tyres and wheels on the Enzo and as a means of addressing these issues the team created the Ferrari P4/5.

At the beginning there was no assurance of it being awarded the Ferrari badge, but the car soon started to gain popularity with the enthusiasts. It didn’t take long for Ferrari to award the car an official prancing horse badge. After the success of the Ferrari P4/5 road car, the team of James and Pininfarina wanted to build the race version of the Ferrari P4/5 and for this they used the P4/5 body on a modified Ferrari F430 GT Car Chassis to create the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione.  

The P 4/5 Competizione outdid the road car it was based on by winning its class while testing for the Nurburgring 24hrs, sporting a KERS system from the Formula 1 Car. The Ferrari also won the top jewel of the crown in the form of winning the best Alternate Energy Race Car at the 24Hrs of the Nurburgring after the Porsche Hybrid couldn’t finish the race.

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