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January 30th, 2017

In today’s modern world of technology and manufacturing, recycling is at the helm of every new company’s agenda who wants to plan their business with environmental responsibility. The goal is to design and develop new, innovative products that have the smallest footprint on the environment. Strato is another such company who preaches this belief, but comes up with a completely new way of incorporating it into their product. Their first offering is the Strato Memento, a MV Agusta Brutale with a custom kit that is entirely made out of recycled carbon fibre.

The Strato Memento features a unique monocoque that is made out of R-CF (Regenerated Carbon Fibre) which helps in reducing the overall weight of the MV Agusta Brutale by 20% as compared to its stock counterpart. The monocoque uses only two points to attach to the frame that makes it extremely quick to install or remove. That means that a person with very little mechanical working can use the Memento custom motorcycle kit for their daily runabouts while quickly replacing it with the stock bodywork if they fancy a weekend track day.

The Strato Memento kit includes the full R-CF bodywork along with interchangeable cover, front and back lights and top of the range accessories from brands like Rizoma, Arrow and Kineo. While Strato hasn’t put a specific price tag to their product since the kit is available in various combinations for all MV Agusta Brutale motorcycles from 2003 till present, but since we are talking carbon fibre with some of the best motorcycle accessory brands in the two-wheel industry, prices should be more towards the premium end of things.

The Strato Memento is truly a unique take on customisation. It offers the sort of flexibility that hasn’t been seen previously on custom motorcycles. This unconventional approach might be the beginning of a new era for motorcycling, and we would really like to see companies like Stratos leading the charge with more options beyond MV Agusta machines.

SStrato Memento Carbon Fibre bodykit MV Agusta Brutale SStrato Memento Carbon Fibre bodykit MV Agusta Brutale 2 StSStrato Memento Carbon Fibre bodykit MV Agusta Brutale SStrato Memento Carbon Fibre bodykit Strato Memento Carbon Fibre Kit MV Agusta Brutale

Images via Strato

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