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November 10th, 2016

Super Slow Motion Enduro Freeriding In Stunning Detail

Motocross and Trials riders are capable of doing unthinkable things on their motorcycles. And while they are performing their incredible feats, they make it look so easy. Red Bull Enduro riders Cody Webb and Taylor Robert are one such duo who’s motorcycle control in perfection beyond anyone’s imagination.

While enduro freeriding might look spectacular and daringly dangerous to an average viewer, they hardly can understand the complicated physics behind the act since riders like Cody and Taylor do it with such smoothness and swift actions that it becomes hard to grasp. For this very reason, Red Bull recently captured the super slow motion enduro freeriding of the duo as they take on the slopes of Donner Ski Ranch at Donner Pass in California. The result is some absolutely stunning footage shot at 1200fps that is visually incredible to watch.

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