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Belgium Sends Love With a Supercharged Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer 

We love the Yamaha SR400 a lot, this iconic motorcycle has been a simple and affordable means to being authentically retro since a long time now and its classic Japanese lines will never ever get old. We love the SR400 for another fact that it is among the most popular motorcycles for custom motorcycle makers when they want to create something unique, something that project their own individual style of craftsmanship and lets the world now of what they are capable of making out from metal and tools. Saying that, the stunning Supercharged Yamaha Cafe Racer you see in these pictures is from the superstar brand of custom motorcycle world from Belgium, Krugger and we have our jaws hanging so low that we are mopping the floor with it.

Yamaha SR400 by Krugger

The bike has been built by Fred Krugger in collaboration with Yamaha Motor Europe (you know the guys who can’t sit still and always have an itch to collaborate for more custom bikes). Krugger was founded by Fred Bertrand, who is a double AMD World Champion and for this collaboration his choice was none other than the SR400 mainly because the bike is light and has a single cylinder and looks back into the times when the bikes were basic, and a lot of fun. Kruggr decided to make a tiny little but fast Café Racer out of the SR400 which was to be a supercharged motorcycle as an ode to the famous Belgian MotoGP mechanic Bernard Ansiau, who is currently in Valentino Rossi’s team and also has worked with other MotoGP legends like Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts and Mick Doohan.

Krugger and Bernard Ansiau with Supercharged Yamaha SR400

Krugger and Bernard Ansiau with Supercharged Yamaha SR400

The end result is a retro-modernist’s dream – a sporty looking Supercharged cafe racer that pays a tribute to the iconic racing times of the 70’s and the Yamaha TZ line of legendary motorcycles. This Supercharged Yamaha cafe racer build consists of a tiny Aisin 300 supercharger along with a custom plenum chamber and a belt-drive set-up for the compressor. The engine is now carbureted instead of fuel injection that comes as stock and the carb is from S&S Cycles and is matched up with a custom intake and the exhaust assembly id a one-off stainless steel system. Krugger kept the tank as stock, however it is narrower and longer while the frame has been worked upon and houses a custom tail section that contains the electrical components while a sweet tiny little cowl upfront gives this supercharged Yamaha cafe racer a pretty nice appearance.

Supercharged Yamaha Cafe Racer

The suspension too has been worked upon, thus the forks are now lower and have been polished while the rear suspension is entirely new and from Fox while this fast supercharged Yamaha SR400 cafe racer wears Dunlop K81 tyres that have a pattern based on the first tyres that broke the 100mph barrier at Isle of Man TT. Further on, this supercharged build gets a stunning custom handlebar set and foot controls and the front single disc assembly and the clutch while Krugger has machined cutouts into the rear brake drum. The meter console is from Motogadget and looks in sync with the overall feel of the bike, while the switches and the grips are too from the same supplier. The bike gets a blue racing livery inspired by speedblock and to simple put, it is awe-inspiring.

For more information on the same you can visit Krugger Motorcycles, but before that, do let us know what you think about this Supercharged Yamaha cafe racer from Krugger in the comments section below.

Yamaha SR400 by Krugger Air Filter

Yamaha SR400 by Krugger Air Intake

Yamaha SR400 by Krugger Custom Handlebar

Yamaha SR400 by Krugger Front Three Quarter

Yamaha Cafe Racer by Krugger Rear Three Quarter

Supercharged Yamaha Cafe Racer

Supercharged Yamaha Cafe Racer Tailpiece

Yamaha Cafe Racer by Krugger

Yamaha Cafe Racer by Krugger

Supercharged Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer

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