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on February 18th, 2015

During the first few days of January, there were reports from Japan that the Suzuki Recursion concept that was showcased at the EICMA Motor Show in November 2014 had gone into production. As excited we were hearing the news, we are equally saddened to report that Suzuki has officially denied the production of the force induction machine.

The concept of Suzuki’s Recursion was very simple – deliver as much horsepower as a 1000 cc motorcycle with a significantly smaller engine. This would have allowed for better fuel emissions, lower overall weight and off course more power per tonne. Being light, the bike would have also had certain handling advantages too.

In a direct conversation with MCN, Paul de Lusignan – General Manager of Suzuki GB said that the comments made in the media were based on pure speculation.

Suzuki has not denied a future prospect of a force induction motor, but currently, it seems that their efforts are completely focussed on bringing better large- and mid- displacement motorcycles to the market. The company recently refreshed their V-Strom 650 and seem to be more concentrated in refreshing the rest of their top-end lineup. The GSX-S1000 and The GSX-S1000F are expected to launch soon and the GSX-R1000 is too in-line for a much needed overhaul.

Source: MCN

Suzuki Recursion Concept At EICMA 2014 – Image Gallery

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