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December 1st, 2015

Sveti Superyacht Left SideThe Sveti Superyacht from Pastrovich, the leading Italian Studio promises to change the way super yacht models look. With the craze for super yachts having doubled up in the last couple of decades, latest innovations have made the yacht models look “oh so similar.” These come with similar looking stem or bow sections and there is barely much creativity that differentiates the underwater models from the sailing ones.

What Lies Withing The Sveti Superyacht?

Sveti Superyacht Left Side

The Pastrovich yacht resembles a spaceship and thanks to its outwardly shape, the materials used are minimalistic and render it enhanced internal strength. In addition, the maker has made functionality a priority. The design footprint has been used in a way that the interiors and exteriors are stretched out right until the end.

Peeking Into Sveti Superyacht

Sveti Superyacht Onboard Sveti Superyacht Top

Sveit Superyacht is a dream come true for drink aficionados given that it has a bar and cellar in the lower deck. The main attraction is its rear deck that houses three swimming pools and ample outer space. The cabin’s top level comes with expansive windows and high ceilings. Do not forget the cozy areas for relaxation the design brings onboard. The second level of interior level comes with a bedroom and living space. There is a third level too but it is underwater and clubbed with a spa zone.

H/T: GTSpirit

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