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January 7th, 2016

Furniture design has turned out to be a highly revered domain for art and artistic lines. With names such as Alexandre Chapelin, a designer based in Saint Martin, at the helm of interior designing creations, we expect a twist of style to become a hallmark of modern day decor. Take these lagoon table sets for instance. Built in a unique way, this trio of wooden tables reflect the element of the blue oceans and the Caribbean feel of Chapelin’s neighbouring surroundings.

La Lagoon Tables 3

If you thought that color could be a restriction when building classy furniture in wood, then think twice. Modern furniture design as seen in LA Table can be twisted and played with using a resin that can later to formed into any colour or element. The resin is added to a Tavertine marble base and the resulting table top resembles the Caribbean oceans without second thought.

The maker believes that furniture design in the current era is no longer limited to contours or textures we have seen all this while. With recycled materials at disposal, designers such as Chapelin have all new tales to tell in the domain of furniture design today.

La Lagoon Tables from LA Table 7 La Lagoon Tables 6 La Lagoon Tables from LA Table 5 La Lagoon Tables 4 La Lagoon Tables from LA Table 2 La Lagoon Tables from LA Table

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