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May 19th, 2017

The new TCX Rush Waterproof sneakers are the latest addition to the Italian footwear company’s lineup. These new shoes are built to provide a sporty fit and feel along with the more important comfort and protection that TCX riding shoes are known for.

The upper boot construction consists of matt soft-touch micro-fibre that is combined with suede leather to ensure that adequate grip is provided. At the same time the a mesh fabric is used on the collar to make it soft and comfortable, as well as breathable. The TCX Rush sneaker is also provided with a internal waterproof lining that makes the shoe an all-weather product.

The TCX Rush Waterproof sneaker gets a classic lacing system to fasten the boot which has a velcro band with micro-injections for easy opening. The boot provides adequate reinforcements around the toe, ankle and heel areas in accordance to the new CE Certifications to make it adequately safe for road use.


TCX Rush Waterproof Sneakers TCX Rush Waterproof Sneakers 2

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