January 15th, 2015

Team HRC Honda’s Joan Barreda came up at the top during the stage ten of the 2015 Dakar Rally. Pushing a lead thoughout all the checkpoints during the day’s rally, Barreda came ahead of Red Bull KTM rider Marc Coma in second place, while Coma’s teammate, Ruben Faria trailed in at third position.

Stage ten startedĀ the second of the marathon stages of the 2015 Dakar Rally where riders had to conduct their own repairs and maintenance on the bikes without the help of mechanics and crew. The stage took riders through 370 km of the special timed section ending at Cachi, Argentina with a course well above 11,000 feet in altitude. Unfortunately Red Bull KTM Team’s Matthias Walkner had to retire from the competition due to illness.

HRC Rider and Barreda’s teammate Helder Rodrigues started the day’s race but soon was overtaken by Barreda who maintained a steady lead over four-time Dakar winner Marc Coma, emerging in first place, 1:39 minutes ahead of the Spanish rider by the end of the day. Faria, finished in third position, trailing coma by just 20 seconds. At fourth position, KTM rider Toby Price closed the day ahead of Barreda’s teammate, Paulo Goncalves who finished fifth during stage ten.

2015 Dakar Rally Stage 10 Results
1. Joan Barreda, ESP (Honda) 4:07:11
2. Marc Coma, ESP (KTM) 4:08:50
3. Ruben Faria, PRT (KTM) 4:09:08
4. Toby Price, AUS (KTM) 4:09:25
5. Paulo Goncalves, PRT (Honda) 4:10:57
6. Stefan Svitko, SVK (KTM) 4:13:33
7. Helder Rodrigues, PRT (Honda) 4:13:37
8. Pablo Quintanilla, CHL (KTM) 4:13:40
9. Ivan Jakes, SVK (KTM) 4:16:10
10. Hans Vogels (NLD) (KTM) 4:17:30

2015 Dakar Rally Overall Rankings after Stage 10
1. Marc Coma, ESP (KTM) 38:13:50
2. Paulo Goncalves, PRT (Honda) 38:21:25
3. Pablo Quintanilla, CHL (KTM) 38:45:32
4. Toby Price, AUS (KTM) 38:45:56
5. Stefan Svitko, SVK (KTM) 38:59:09
6. David Casteu, FRA (KTM) 39:55:04
7. Ruben Faria, PRT (KTM) 39:55:30
8. Laia Sanz, ESP (Honda) 40:18:50
9. Ivan Jakes, SKV (KTM) 40:39:41
10. Oliver Pain, FRA (Yamaha) 41:04:01


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