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June 13th, 2016

No matter how much we would want to live a life free from the worldly things, we sure know that in order to get ourselves our dream cars and motorcycles we need to go out and earn some (a considerable amount) money. And for that, we need to head out to work and spend time in those dreaded office cubicles that not just suck the excitement out of life but also, art and fun out of it. This is where we reckon, Teenage Engineering, a Swedish Synthesizer maker has struck an absolute bulls eye with the way they have designed their office layout. Gone are those dreadful cubicles and an open floor plan has been laid out at the company’s Stockholm office. Among the many niceties that this modern age free to move around office that fuels art and inspires talent, there is an incredible collection eighties supercars, and we could not have dreamt of a better office interior than this ourselves.

Lamborghini Countach Side View

Founded by three audio engineers in 2005, Teenage Engineering has earned a huge name in the music instrument industry with its range of synthesizers such has the hugely famous OP-1 synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer, inspired in both design and function by old Casio ones, The OP-1 was also their first ever product. Moreover, likes of Beck, Depeche Mode, CHVRCHES, and Ok Go have brought the Teenage Engineering’s equipment onstage a number of times showcasing how good and how talented the people behind the company’s products are. And why would they not be, the Teenage Engineering Office Serenade consists of all sort of hip, happening and trendy furnishings and facilities that attracts the best kind of talent. The office has a collection of expensive modernist Scandinavian furniture, stark white walls, minimalist, exposed HVAC pipes overhead – Yes! And those pipes belong to some real amazing eighties supercars.

Teenage Engineering Office

Step inside the company’ office and you would notice that the way this company works is different, for we are not sure how many offices in the world can give you a view of a Lamborghini Countach parked alongside your office desk as you consider a new design idea. Sticking to the idea that beautiful machinery begets beautiful machinery, The Teenage Engineering office has a Lamborghini Countach, white on white with flares and wings, a white Ferrari Testarossa and a bright yellow Lamborghini Diablo parked on the same floor and under the same roof where the company’s (really lucky) employees and creators work towards a successful future.

This Swedish company showcases that how the Eighties will never die and f or the synthesizer manufacturer, nothing else could serve as well for inspiration. Saying that, who wouldn’t want to work sitting next to a Testarossa, a Countach or a Diablo? This is one office we would never leave and go home to.

Teenage Engineering


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