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July 16th, 2015

Independent designer Jans Slapins, the same guy behind designing the Lamborghini Rat Rod and the BMW Urban Racer, has recently revealed another concept design for an all-electric motorcycle that imagines a motorcycle that cold be made by electric car maker Tesla in the future, called the Tesla Model M.

Jans’ previous design concepts

Jans Slapins Designed Concept Lamborghini Rat Rod

Lamborghini Rat Rod by Jans Slapins

Jans Slapins Designed Concept BMW Urban Racer

BMW Urban Racer by Jans Slapins

By one look at the design, it sure feels like the right sort of motorcycle that Tesla would build, if they ever decide to get into two-wheelers, that is. But for now, we have to talk in concept.

Tesla Model M electric motorcycle by Jans Slapins Front Right Three Quarters

Tesla Model M electric motorcycle by Jans Slapins

The concept machine shown here uses a 150kW motor (equivalent to 204 bhp) that comes with four different computer controlled riding modes: Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. The motor is powered by Lithium-ion batteries that are mounted as low as possible to give the bike the best centre of mass. This also enables the top part of the fairing where usually the tank is to be empty and double as a water-tight storage unit that can gobble up an entire full-face helmet along with a few other items like a laptop or a small backpack.

Tesla Model M electric motorcycle by Jans Slapins Rear Right Three Quarters

To keep the weight down, the fairing and the wheels are made entirely out of carbon fibre while a monoshock is used at the rear along with beefy upside-down forks at the front.

Tesla Model M electric motorcycle by Jans Slapins Views Render

And since its all-electric, there is no transmission, meaning that the motor would produce all of its torque right from zero rpm. We know that this motorcycle concept might never see light of day, but it wouldn’t be such a bad proposition if someone decides to make it reality.

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