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September 9th, 2017

The 12L Cargo Tail Bag comes from brand new motorcycle accessories venture ALMS, who have taken an innovative approach to how motorcycle luggage bags are made for urban riders. ALMS’ founder Shaun Lee started the company along with his wife Jessica two years ago when they felt that the motorcycle aftermarket was missing something. After analysis and chatting to many motorcyclists, the couple quickly realised that there wasn’t a single product out there that was compact enough for riders to use on their daily commute, that also had the durability and waterproofing of a proper expedition style bag. Their main aim was to develop a product that would be styled to look inconspicuously like an everyday carry bag, while being rugged enough for a quick overnight trip, resulting in the 12L Cargo Tail Bag that you see here.

ALMS 12L Cargo Tail Bag-6

The Cargo Tail Bag is made from 12oz waxed canvas with reinforced Hypalon detailing. It is waterproof with plenty of expandable storage and has a ton of hidden compartments which will come in handy to pack small items that would usually be needed for a quick motorcycle trip. One look at the bag, and you can make out that the 12L Cargo Tail Bag has been styled to suit perfectly with any motorcycle while offering the flexibility to be used for camping or other short excursions.

The ALMS 12L Cargo Tail Bag will be available on Kickstarter on September 12, when the company’s campaign goes live. For those interested, the bag will be available for a massive 50% off its official retail price to the first few who support ALMS in their endeavours. We will update this article with a link once the Kickstarter campaign goes online.

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