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March 23rd, 2016

There is something impeccably cool about retro scooters. More than function, its the artful nature of their design and their play of colours that make them perfect photogenic items. Now with the help of the genius of Spanish designers Bel & Bel, the appeal of these retro beauties can be brought inside one’s homes in the form of functional pieces of furniture.

Bell And Bell Scooter Chair Gulf Blue Back

The Bel & Bel Scooter Chair is made from parts of 80s vintage Vespa scooters that have been fitted with seats and a base frame. The chair gets all the necessary function that would make it comfortable for actual use rather than just a showpiece. It comes with recline features, height adjustment and a silent swivel base that hones and exceptionally style. And just like the Bel & Bel electric retro scooter that we featured before, these chairs come in a limited-numbered run, meaning that if you are late, your choice of scooter frame might already be sold out.

Bell And Bell Scooter Chair White Front Bell And Bell Scooter Chair Side

That said, Bel & Bel will offer these chairs to customers with endless possibilities of paint schemes that suit their needs. Each handmade chair comes with its own certificate of authenticity from Bel & Bel. And while the prices are completely dependent on the level of customisation one wants, these chairs assure to bring the right amount of vintage coolness to your home or office workspace.

Bell And Bell Scooter Chair Red Back Bell And Bell Scooter Chair Orange Bell And Bell Scooter Chair Left Quarters Bell And Bell Scooter Chair Front Black Bell And Bell Scooter Chair Back Closeup

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