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October 2nd, 2016

The Best Driving Shoes For Every Occasion

Cover image from Tod’s new Gommino collection

When you are planning to go fast, it’s almost important that you pair it with the right go-flash tools. The purpose of a good driving shoe is to provide that extra grip from the pedals for one to obtain that perfect rev-match when needed from their sweet sounding roadster. That said, picking the right pair of driving shoes has become more and more confusing in recent times where it seems like every brand out there wants to put forth their own version of the product. So while there might not be one particular driving shoe that meets the need of every occasion, here are the best ones that can be picked up depending on the occasion you are driving to.

Driving Shoes On Casual Wear

The Converse Chuck Tailor Series 

Best Driving Shoes Converse Chuck Tailor All Stars

They are the original everyday where for sport and leisure activities. And while they are great all rounders, you would be surprised by the sort of grip they offer from their rubber outsole. Simple in design and big on function, these shoes are just more than driving shoes and will last for one’s teenage to his mid-puberty times. While the high-tops options might not be the best for flexibility, the low tops present a perfect all-round fit.

Nike Roshe One Flyknit

Best Driving Shoes Nike Roshe One Fliknit

While any modern sneaker has good enough grip for any sort of sporting activity, including driving, the Nike Roshe One Flyknit takes the capability of a sports show to a whole new level. These shoes bank on being one of the lightest available in the market with their Flyknit construction and ultralight soles. Additionally, they also provide a very comfortable snug fit that enhances the pedal feel. Add your very own personalized touch to the shoe via Nike’s iD and they are instantly ready to fit driving into your daily lifestyle. 

Driving Shoes For Well-Dressed Occasions

This is an area thats particularly tricky to handle for driving shoes. Formal dress shoes or leather boots with stiff uppers and thick wide soles are the worse when one wants perfect control over the pedals. Good thing that cars, no matter how ridiculously super, have at least a small space to keep those dress shoes so that you can drive to the destination in the next best thing… Loafers.

The Classic Mocassin

Best driving shoes car shoe suede The classic mocassin like these ones from Carshoe are by far the most comfortable, grippy and stylish choice when pairing formal or semi-formal clothing with driving. The sole on these bad boys sticks like gum to the pedals and the extra grooves at the back of the shoe ensures extra grip from the car’s floor. Wear them with or without socks or pair them with a great looking automotive watch, these shoes are the go-to for any kind of high-street event. These sort of driving shoes come in many varieties that range from various varieties of leather and suede to a number of design and stitching options. Here below are some of the best.

Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes

Best driving shoes car shoe suede

These shoes are handmade in Italy from the best grain of leather, finished with contrasting trims and a sturdy pebbled rubber sole. Found on Mr.Porter

‘Bermuda’ Penny Loafer

Best driving shoes the bermuda penny loafer

Rich, grainy texture marks a timeless penny loafrer for a classic profile with a comfortable inner liner and a sturdy rubber sole. Found on Nordstrom

The All-out Technical Driving Shoes

It’s time to get serious. These shoes are less about the way they look and all about the technical specification that is needed from a good driving shoe when trying to beat your mates on a racing circuit. Safety is primary here, so every driving shoe in this category features a must-have fireproof construction.

Piloti Competizione Driving Boots

best driving shoes Piloti Competizione boots

While these driving shoes look more casual than the rest of the shoes in this category, they do not skimp on any of the necessary protective features. The Piloti Competizione shoes are FIA certified and SFI rated shoe that is engineered for both performance and comfort. They feature a perforated leather construction to keep the inners cool while also featuring an adjustable ankle strap for achieving the perfect fit.

Alpinestars Tech 1-Z

Best driving shoes Alpinestars Tech 1-z

The Alpinestars Tech 1-Z driving shoes are made from soft kangaroo leather and feature extensive perforation zones for maximum breathability. These shoes also have the company’s signature rubber compound soles that provide great grip and comfort under extreme driving conditions. These driving shoes too are FIA and SFI 3.3 certitified for safety.

OMP Carrera High Boots

Best driving shoes OMP carrera r

Mid-cut shoes that feature a great vintage design with all modern safety nuances. FIA Approved, these driving shoes come with contrasting inserts, lace and velcro closing strap along with a handcrafted rubber sole.

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