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February 20th, 2017

A look back at the best Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Builds from 2016

The Honda CB750 is an icon of the motorcycle world. It brought a paradigm shift in the motorcycle world back in the late 60s and laid foundation of everything that came after it in the performance segment. Thus no wonder, well kept examples of the Honda CB750 fetch great price in the market. Saying that, the CB750 has also been one of the most sought after motorcycles for custom bike builders the world over. The motorcycle’s clean lines, minimal bodywork and a classic presence can captivate any builder’s mind, which has brought us some incredible interpretations of the legend. In fact, the ol’750 is so popular event today that you can easily get Honda CB750 cafe racer kit and custom parts that are designed for the bike readily over the internet.  But when it comes to complete builds, 2016 was no different when it came to builders bringing together some fantastic builds which are all together here as part of the best Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Builds of 2016.

‘Bol Noir’ Honda CB750 cafe racer by Deep Creek Cycle Works

When a build is taken up to create an endurance motorcycle that would suit the streets just fine, only greatness can follow. This ‘Bol Noir’ Honda CB750 Cafe Racer build by Deep Creek Cycle Works is exactly that. Based on a scrapper CB750 which the team bought for just 400 Euros is by far among our favourite CB750 Honda Cafe Racer builds. To make it attain its stunning form, the base CB750 underwent changes such as:

  1. Shortened frame at the rear with a thorough re-welding increasing strength and reliability. Further bracing was done to add increased rigidity.
  2. Modified Ducati 900SS triple clamps were used with new bearings.
  3. USD Showa front suspension from the Ducati 900SS.
  4. Brakes too were carried over from the Ducati 900SS.
  5. Spoked rims from the Ducati SportClassic.
  6. All new electrical wirings and connections.
  7. Addition of a lightweight battery.
  8. Custom fairing gets an endurance machine lighting setup with a twin headlight having one clear and the other a yellow lens. Tail Lights a just two small LED’s while there are no Indicators.

The ‘Bol Noir’ Honda CB750 Café Racer build by Deep Creek Cycle Works was created for a female team member and was gifted to her by the team on her birthday. She is a very Lucky Girl indeed!

1974 Honda CB750 cafe racer by Cognito Moto:

This build is a perfect example why we love Cognito Moto and their work so much. The way these folks create clean and cool builds is seldom matched by anyone. For this incredible gorgeous 1974 Honda CB750 cafe racer Build, Cognito Moto wanted to create a bike that weekend bike builders would be inspired off. The changes that transformed the 1974 CB750 into this stunner were:

  1. Fully adjustable Showa USD forks upfront from a Suzuki GSX-R 750 finished in factory quality work. It was doen using Cognito’s custom conversion stem. This works flawlessly with a set of All Balls bearings.
  2. Custom Cognito Moto Cafe Racer parts bin providing the billet aluminium triple clamp.
  3. Rear Suspension is Fox RC1 which is a velocity-sensitive and fully adjustable bolt-on setup specially tuned for street bikes and café racers. The setup also allows low-speed compression adjustability.
  4. The upgrade in braking department arrives with 310mm Twin-Discs from Gixxer and four-piston calipers by Tokico.
  5. The front rims are custom Cognito product with 18×2.5 size wearing a 110/90/18 Avon Roadrider. The rear gets a fat 150/70/18. The rims are painted in a gold anodized shade and looks perfect fit on the build.
  6. Tank is from CB750F, lending an edgier feel the build.
  7. Full overhaul of the CB750 engine with full rebuild to factory specs.
  8. Addition of a a Shorai 8 cell battery and electronic ignition.
  9. A custom billet aluminium Airbox.
  10. The build neatly merges a Motogadget motoscope mini gauge and dummy lights recessed into the top of the custom triple For the electricals, a Motogadget m-unit handles everything. Other Motogadget supplied accessories are m-blaze turn signals and m-switches installed on the beautiful and high-end Woodcraft clip-ons.

We can only wonder how stunning this Custom Cafe Racer would look tearing through the mundane traffic ridden by its lady owner. We Like!

‘The Russian’. 1972 Honda CB750 cafe racer by Thirteen and Company

Weird, whacky and absolutely drool worthy, this 1972 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer build by Thirteen and Company got to be among the best Honda CB Cafe Racer builds from the year that went by. To make the humble and clean CB750 mutate into this epic post-apocalyptic motorcycle, Thirteen and Company based out of LA injected the following into the base 1972 CB750:

  1. Custom fairing formed out of metal containing twin HID projector headlights. We like how those tastefully added rivets make the design look like a retro-futuristic machine.
  2. Stock tank continued to work and was de-badged. Some imperfections were left for a natural after nuclear-holocaust appeal.
  3. The build was hand painted and then treated with chemical patina to make the build look like a 100 year old piece.
  4. Police was written in Russian text to showcase the owner’s profession.
  5. Custom hand built seat with American Buffalo leather cushioning stitched in Thirteen and Company’s signature 1 inch diamond pattern.
  6. A new 4-in-1 exhaust unit reducing weight.
  7. The front suspension was made 3 inches lowers than the stock bike for the low café racer stance. Adding to its are the clip-ons mounted in the middle of the triple clamp.
  8. Laced up black rims are 3.75-19 front and 4.00-18 in the rear. These wear Shinko dual-sport rubber.
  9. A handmade leather bag on the side counters the weight of the oil tank on the other side while also covering most of the electricals.

Auto Fabricas ‘Type 13’ Honda CB750 Cafe Racer.

It is tough to reinvent a classic. And then if it a classic of the stature of the Honda CB750, the chances of messing it up are much more. However, the blokes at Auto Fabrica sure do like a challenge and the result is this outrageously sexy Honda CB750 cafe racer build. This Auto Fabrica masterpiece (which we have covered before) stays true to the reputation that this builder from Great Britain has achieved of creating flawless, incredible details, and absolute minimalism.  For this Honda CB750 cafe racer build its creators crafted the following:

  1. Custom aluminium tail section compliments the original tank.
  2. Addition of the signature louvered section just under the LED taillight.
  3. Custom oil tank placed inside the fuel tank.
  4. Repositioned rear set footpegs for installation of the new exhaust.
  5. A neat and exquisite exhaust system with a 4-in-1 design made from stainless steel containing internal baffle plates.
  6. The frame was stiffened for track use by welding an ‘X’ brace behind the carbs.
  7. The front suspension was upgraded for rebound-adjustment while the rear is from YSS.
  8. Braking was updated with disc both upfront and at rear. The rear disc was installed on a custom adaptor plate on the original hub.
  9. The wheels are of 19-inch and 18-inch size at the front and rear respectively and come shod with Avon Road Rider rubber.
  10. Electricals are new with Motogadget made m-Unit and speedo. We like how the new switches have been merged with the controls’ clamps.

We just cannot stop ourselves from drooling over this immaculate piece of craftsmanship.

CB750 Mono Build by Andrew Wales

This has got to be the sportiest and one the most thrilling of all the Honda CB750 cafe racer builds we have seen in a long long time. Absolutely lip-smacking sumptuous build we say.  We won’t talk much about it and let you soak yourself into the absolute breathtaking beauty of this build. The changes that converted the sober looking CB750 into this all out sporty chap are:

  1. The front end is from 2004 GSX-R1000 while the rear suspension is from the Ducati 749.
  2. Custom Cognito Moto stem.
  3. Custom swingarm setup.
  4. New electricals and wirings.
  5. New Clip-ons and rearsets from R1.

For more on this incredible build you can go through Andrew’s Instagram Profile.

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