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October 25th, 2016

The Best Winter Driving Courses Money Can Buy

Whenever someone says ‘Winter is Coming’, the dreary thought of hibernation from motoring comes to mind followed by the white-walker thing that keeps showing up on the tele. As a person who loves motoring and motor culture, there is nothing more drab than the icy cold season. The only thing that keeps us from loosing all hope is the knowledge of when the snow settles down, there is no better way to let out the motoring joy than the special ice driving courses that automakers carry out on top of frozen lakes towards the extreme north of Europe.

So as the winter approaches the best thing is to wait it out over some hot drinks and contemplate with one of the special winter driving Courses we would like to do in 2016-2017 season. Here are the best winter driving courses out there right now. Put on your warmest jacket, sip into that hot cup of coffee and read on.

Porsche Driving Experience Winter

Always count on Porsche to be there whenever the need of true driving nirvana arrives. Porsche understands that the winters can be long and hard for the lovers of driving. So, to help them fight the chill, it conducts Porsche Driving Experience Winter each year. This Porsche listing of winter driving courses regards and enables its participants to take all this snow and ice as an occasion for getting to know brisk and breezy driving from a completely new angle. For this experience the company has set up a base at Levi, north of the Arctic Circle. Porsche offers four different levels of driving training for the season.

These let you gradually improve your driving style step by step in wintery conditions with coordinated theoretical and practical sessions. The 2016 Season is well past however you can look into the 2017 schedule for the same. The season is scheduled for January 20th 2017. For more Information visit Porsche Driving Experience Winter.

Porsche Driving Experience Winter

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Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy

And how could James Bond’s favourite car maker not have its own series of ice driving courses. After all, it’s good, no no… great to be bad. Imagine drifting a Jag through thick ice sheet under the Arctic sky or taking a Range Rover into the snow caped wilderness of the region. The base setup of Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy is surrounded by breathtaking and mostly untouched beauty of vast frozen lakes that lit up under the glorious Aurora Borealis. Jaguar offers various levels of ice driving courses and experiences that start from a beginner and goes up to the pro level training. Moreover, you can also take some of the classic icons too over for a spin out in on the dedicate tracks on the frozen lakes. The winter driving course is scheduled for February 10-13, 2017 and in case you would like to join you can visit Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy.

Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy

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BMW Snow and Ice Training:

Snow on tracks with a rear wheel drive car can mean only one thing – pure un-adulterated drifts and seeing the world sideways for quite a long time. What more than an authentic rear wheel driver machine can provide the required fun and thus BMW and its collection of worlds best driving cars are a perfect suit for such winter driving courses. The BMW Snow and Ice Training is held at a height of almost 3,000 metres above sea level at Sölden. Interestingly, Sölden is also the world’s highest winter training site. Thus providing ideal conditions for some serious snow driving fun, the cars that BMW bring out to this scenic Austrian cold wilderness are the likes of the brilliant M4 and M6 and its 4×4 SUV’s.

Moreover, now BMW also takes normal mortals to the Artic wilderness of Northern Sweden for its BMW Snow and Ice Training, something that was previously only for its test drivers and engineers to have fun at. Find more details at BMW Snow and Ice Training.

BMW Snow and Ice Training

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McLaren Ice Driving Experience

The supercar maker is completely new to this sort of thing and 2017 will be the first time the British brand launches their own ice driving experience. For this, the company has planned to take groups of motoring enthusiasts to the northernmost regions of Finland. Once there, one would be handed over a McLaren 570S Coupe (after some training off course) and will be taken care of for the 3-night, 4-days duration of the experience. The pricing here isn’t bad at all too as McLaren will trust anyone who has £12,000 to cough up. There are more details on the company’s website, we highly recommend you checking out this one. Registrations are now open for the ice driving experience that will be held between January 15, 2017 and February 3, 2017.

McLaren Ice Driving Experience 2

McLaren Ice Driving Experience is the company’s first event in the 2017 calendar.

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