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December 18th, 2015

This weekly update has an auto-follow surf drone, Giroptic 360cam camera preorders, Gramophone 2.0, House of Marley Chant Sport Portable Audio System and the Automat watches got us so excited that we couldn’t even start our introduction, need we say more? Here goes our weekly update.

Airdog Auto-Follow Drone

Airgod Auto-follow drone

Airdog is the world’s first auto-follow surf drone: While the upcoming era of drones which is going to gain control over almost everything and is going to be a part of our everyday existence; Airdog is the first update we have in our weekly update which is the world’s first ever auto-follow drone showed up. We understand and anticipate to the fact that there have been inventions of cameras which you can strap a camera to your chest, head, etc. also, that you can mount a camera which gives any tom, dick and harry an access to HD shooting. But the thing is, it is remote controlled and do you really want to divide your brain power into managing the recording and doing what you want to record or do you want to focus doing something which love to do and want a pet-like drone which will follow wherever you go. Yes! We are talking about Airdog which will follow you based on its GPS tracking technology at a specific height and from an indicated distance besides it capability to record what the person assigned to it is doing. While the point A and point B of travel is the same, the drone will keep hovering till the waterproof tracking device wearer doesn’t go back to the landing point which is point B. With its 250 metre range, it takes help from a GoPro and gets busy following you.

Giroptic 360cam

Gyroptic 360cam

Currently on pre-orders; the Gyroptic 360cam is this patiently awaited by the fans with VR headphones all ready, sports three cameras for 360 degrees view (via a mobile app) and same number of speakers for videos recorded at 2048p 2K and 4096p which need no processing post shooting. Hence, making it convenient to shoot, view and share it via a smartphone. Moreover, a feature of connecting it to Wifi enables live streaming and the camera has features like lapse mode which convert snaps into videos and photo burst mode for rapid still image capture and video modes for recording ordinary videos.

Gramaphone 2.0

Gramophone 2.0

This classic concept of modern looking Bluetooth speaker is next in our weekly update with a range of 33 feet is from Gramvox which suits to stand anywhere in your office or your personal cabin is straight out of a studio of experts who’ve crafted this speaker to sooth you with its warm, organic, mid-range tones at your home also to make you feel cosy. The solid wood base hides a 2.5’’ low driver, which is one of its dual drivers, a battery with a life of 12 hours every recharge, a work-of-the-art steel horn delivering that optimum bass. And, of course, because it has Bluetooth 4.0, it can be synched to a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device or numbers can be played via auxiliary inputs as well.

House of Marley Chant Sport Portable Audio System

House of Marley Chant Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The House of Marley Chant Mini is the latest in the line of good-looking portable Bluetooth audio systems from the company. This new one is finished in a combination the company’s REWIND fabric covering, bio-plastic and recyclable aluminium with bamboo detailing … comes with Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR and AUX connectivity and up-to 6-hours of battery life, and also includes a speakerphone and microphone if someone would want to take a call. The Chant Mini also comes with

Automat Watch

Automat Chrono Watches

It is not called an ‘action watch, anywhere, everywhere’ only for its built quality but because of its ‘dual-personality’ which it boasts. Yes! This watch can be easily or instantly modified (detachable protection accessories) to switch its attitude from a hard core adventurer to a trendy city watch. It said that the creators who found this company in 2015 wanted to build a watch which is all-in-one, and by that we mean elegance, stylish, sporty and featured a shock proof technology. Features include, Water Resistant upto 20 ATM diver rotated Bezel with a patented removable ‘Bump’. Ballistic Nylon Zulu Strap, Ultralight PC Carbon Case which weighs only 45gr, watch is 265 mm in length when unrolled and Japanese movement: Chronograph Quartz Miyoto OS11.

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