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December 16th, 2015

The Best Motorcycle Helmets Currently Out There Covering A Variety Of Styles And Applications.

Headgear For The Weekend Warrior

Ask a scar face biker, rider or a car racer if it was a good idea to ride or drive without a full-face motorcycle helmet. And he or she will both give a wicked smile and walk away shaking-their-damn-head or will overpower your question or opinion with their ill-fated know-how. It is not only said but in fact fast motoring is dangerous which demands rider’s or driver’s control over the vehicle at the peak, all the time. And using a motorcycle helmet when dropping a gear to disappear carries utter and substantial importance to avoid what might turn into an ill-fated event.

Hence, here we are not only going share the importance of helmets but we are going to bring or present (update) you with 8 full-face helmets which can be further categorised by their styling, classic looks or modern features to get a gist of how safety can be chosen in a variety of ways.

Our Top List of Motorcycle Helmets


Tachibana GT-750 Grand Prix

Tachibana GT-750 Motorcycle Helmet

The first look of which might remind you of classic times when cafe racers used to be a daily commute utility. This reminds, if you own a classic bike which has fairly aged or own a transformed one out of the modern ones than this helmet can is just about perfect in your collections. And when it comes to a motorcycle helmet like this which, with safety, talks style as well, the fit has to be very niche. Hence, please do check with size and comfort before approaching one these rare suppliers. A must mention though, this helmet is certified by a ECE or DOT equivalent safety rating that is the Japanese SG.


Shoei Neotec

Shoei Neotec Motorcycle Helmet

Big things do come on small packages. And here we do not mean a ‘big’ helmet but the brand’s benevolence compared to its 3 figured volume of employees, Shoei does keep its arsenal ready to compete with its giant competitors. Let’s take the Shoei Neotec motorcycle helmet for instance; which is designed for the bandana guys or long tourers has the right breathing space with a built-in sun-visor and noise reduction system.


Icon 1000 Variant Battlescar

Icon Variant Battlescar Motorcycle Helmet

The first look of of this motorcycle helmet might strike a debate in between a dirt fan and a street biker. However, this is a fusion of the worlds with Icon’s key focus towards safety as this is ECE, DOT, SG and SAI certified. Features like ‘Hydradry’ wicking liner, distortion free shield with anti-fog coating which makes this helmet wearable in any weather add up to suit the long riders, city and dirt bikers as well. One of the reasons perhaps behind its popularity after it was launched and was out in the market.


Schuberth S2

Schuberth S2 Motorcycle Helmet

Some of you must’ve already figured out that F1 legends like Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso have been supplied helmets from this brand. Well, technically speaking the shell material is fiber reinforced, compression moulded plastic which has an internal strap and hardware system (A.R.O.S) for helmet retention. The flip-in flip-out vent in S2 is one of those three vents which S2 comes with, while the other two are on the top. The S2 S2 comes with an optional Bluetooth communication system by SRC system which is made my Cardo and will only communicate with the Cardo systems.


Roof RO21

Roof RO21 Motorcycle Helmet

This radically designed unique motorcycle helmet with an exceptional graphic design comes from back of the time, 1995. This is one of those helmets which came during the times of when dual-homologated helmets were out and were quite a trend. With a tight internal fit, it comes with fully rotating flip-up visor (without springs or latch system) which later held by the locking side snaps and has chin vents and and one more vent at the top. Whereas the lining which is said to be very soft and comfortable and can be detached.

Bell Revolver Evo

Bell Revolver Evo Motorcycle Helmet

Company says that it had locked up the R&D team in the laboratory when they came up this modern helmet. This helmet sports class leading features like a chin curtain, shell made out of Polycarbonate alloy, which weighs only 1750 gms and their trademark Velocity flow ventilation feature. This helmet comes with a interiors which can be detached, inculcates sun shade, has got super Stable Aerodynamic Signature and Nutra Fog II. The strap keeper however is made of Magnefusion Magnetic.


ARAI Corsair-V

ARAI corsair

This ARAI Corsair (Mamola 3) is a certified Snell M2010 helmet which quite resembles to their own RX-7 Corsair series. Emergency cheek pad release system is what makes this motorcycle helmet standout. Thanks to the pull tabs which make the cheek pad slide easily outside the helmet. This meticulously crafted helmet is no fail when it comes to fit and comfort. Features include the shell made of Hyper-ridge around the bottom which enhances shell strength leading to a large bottom opening which is promoted for an ease of using the helmet on and off. New ‘SAI’ shield with Super AdSis shield system with 5mm longer in each side which provides a wider view to the rider. The latest generation of dry-cool comes in a new grey colour. Exclusive AirWing provides unprecedented aerodynamic performance with 5 distinct points which makes this ARAI an ARAI which is one of the reasons it is used by MotoGP riders and in other fast motoring world.


AGV Pista GP Mimetica Helmet

AGV Pista GP Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

The Pista GP is AGV’s finest motorcycle helmet that has been worn by all-time famous Yamaha Rider Valentino Rossi in MotoGP. The Pista GP Mimetica is a special-edition fibre helmet features wide field of vision, low weight and compact dimensions, extensive ventilation, exclusive ergonomic design and class-leading aerodynamics.


Les Ateliers Ruby Castel

Les Ateliers Ruby Castel Motorcycle Helmet

One of the main features we (again) cannot wait to share about this ‘ruby of helmets’ is that the shell, is, made, out of carbon fiber. With front sporting two vents the interiors are made out of pure Nappa lamb leather. Options of OEM visors are available while an anecdote has also been struck that the company was out of business and now has been bought back into business to get its side of motoring world empty its heavy pockets to possess one of these to add the same to the pile of traditional helmets.


Icon Airframe Pro Halo Carbon

Icon Airframe Pro Halo Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

The Air Frame Pro Halo Carbon features a handmade 4Tress carbon fiber outer shell topped with hand-applied design and precision manufacturing. Equipped with an Icon Tracshield in the box, the Airframe Pro Halo Carbon motorcycle Helmet is track-ready out of the box for any sort of riding purpose, track or street.

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