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So you have a Royal Enfield motorcycle and want to give it some pampering and your own touch, these accessories will inspire you to do the right kind of thing.

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As one of the world’s oldest motorcycle makers drenched in authentic vintage legacy, Royal Enfield has managed to establish itself as one of the most desirable middle weight motorcycle makers on the planet. That said, the company also happens to be one of the fastest growing automobile manufacturers in the world. One look at the whole Royal Enfield portfolio and it is evident that the motorcycles are a perfect customisation platform for its owners, and over the last few years, there has been a particular jump in the numbers (corresponding to the sales numbers) of RE owners going for a slew of modification on their stock bikes. We gave a look around the famous Royal Enfield Accessories upgrades that the RE customer base is going for and have selected a few here in case you feel like upgrading your own Royal Enfield to represent a bit more individual appeal.

Tank Pouch:

No you would ask why especially a tank pouch when there are much famous cousins to it, the saddle bags. You see, a tank pouch serves as a riders extension doing a ride, much like a helping pillion who you are worried to sleep during a ride. This makes a tank bag a more intimate trip related accessory on your motorcycle. You need to keep your phone close and safe, it goes in the tank pouch, that critical document that needs to be accessible at all times, that too goes to the tank pouch. Same holds true for your wallet, goggles and much much more. But then, there is a fine line between a really cool tank bag deign and something that’s just tacky from any angle you might see it.

The thing is your Royal Enfield is one eyeball magnet and your tank pouch should be aligned to its retro appeal. No wonder this makes the Trip Machine Magnetic Tank Pouch such a suitable product for the need. It is classy, it is effective and it is just very very cool, and all that while being truly effective at what it is supposed to do. The Magnetic strips hold it well in its place while the leather lends it an unmatched class. The Blokes at Trip Machine have done a good job on it indeed. In fact looking at it, it isn’t exactly an expensive affair too and is available for online purchase as well. You can check it out here – The Trip Machine Magnetic Tank Pouch. (Verified Brand)


One trip to India and you would witness an incredible amount of Royal Enfield’s, from age old to brand new proudly thumping away through breakneck traffic of the hugely populated cities to barren vastness of the country. In fact, India loves the sound of the thumpers, this also means that there is a huge market of aftermarket exhausts in the country. Going by louder the better philosophy the market is full of a number of vendors that make exhaust suitable of the whole Royal Enfield portfolio. Though you can get a number of options in the market, it is always better to choose an exhaust that comes from an established company with a proven technical expertise. In the case Greasehouse Customs has a range of exhausts that they claim to increase the power of the bike by up to 3.5bhp under dyno testing. You can check more about the blokes here. (Verified brand)

Greasehouse Customs RE Exhaust


Handle Bar:

Being the founding stone of sorts of Indian sub-continents motorcycle Touring religion, the Royal Enfield Motorcycles have been, for years the most sought after choice of riders who like to travel far and long. That said, more than the aural pleasure of exhausts, for such rider’s, comfort and handling are of paramount importance. That calls for handlebar upgrades from the company’s stock low short handlebars to more upright, tall and flat handlebars. There are a vast number of vendors that are selling these aftermarket handlebars (in various designs), for online purchase, Bulletwala seems like one of the prominent sites dedicated to it. However, you can always search for them on major Indian e-Commerce websites such as eBay, Amazon or Flipkart. (Unverified Brands)

Riding Apparel:

Indian subcontinent took long to understand the worth of riding gear, however, in recent years, backed by major OEM’s, the customer base has shown an upward trend towards accepting riding gear. Moreover, brand related normal apparel merchandise has also seen a major boost in sales. No wonder, Royal Enfield itself has its own vast portfolio of Riding Apparel that can be bought from any showroom and through their own online store as well. You can visit it here. (Verified Brand)

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Another famous upgrade among the Royal Enfield users is in the lighting department. Though the lighting on the stock bikes isn’t exactly bad, still with the advent of LED tech and its availability in the aftermarket places means that there is a great demand for lighting upgrades among RE owners. Also, the lighting upgrades have branched into fog lights, extra lighting strips among others. They prove to be beneficial for the rides up in the mountains, the natural habitat of RE products. You can visit many websites such as MotoGarage to better understand the expanse designs available in the market for both, your aesthetic upgrade needs as well as performance ones. (Unverified Brands)


Another major market segment where the Royal Enfield customer base has been spending big money has to be in the alloy wheel section. With the company not offering alloy rims in any of its models, it has left a huge market for aftermarket vendors to fill. Moreover, to keep its vintage aura alive, Royal Enfield continues to offer its bikes in wire-spoke tube-tyres format. However, we reckon that after earning such huge profits every year, Royal Enfield should be concentrating in bringing the tubeless-wire spoke wheels to the market, till then you can look into many options available with companies like Almos Auto. (Unverified Brands)

Cover photo courtesy Trip Machine

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