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The Royal Enfield story is an interesting one. With a legacy that comfortably crosses a century to being an absolute icon for a massive amount of motorcycle lovers, the (now) Chennai based motorcycle maker has seen it all. And through all that, it has not just survived but has thrived like no other automobile company on the planet. Now, with the next phase of its growth story, the company is hell bent in digging deeper into the motorcycle culture, taking with it, a vast majority that otherwise would have never charted those waters. The company is now embracing the idea of Royal Enfield customs and how it can yield benefits to its retro appeal. This should help the company create a better, more dedicated niche for itself and cocoon itself from its more modern (reliable, apparently) rivals that have a new found interest in its market share.

That said, if you have been looking closely at this once British Icon turned Indian cult, you would see that in last couple or years, there has been a slew of Royal Enfield customs that have been done with finesse good enough for global levels. 2017 especially has been a delight to Royal Enfield Customs lovers and here are a few of them worth having a look at.

Royal Enfield Scrambler by Thrive Motorcycles:

Commissioned by Royal Enfield Indonesia and build by the fairly talented guys at Thrive Motorcycles, the Royal Enfield Scrambler has to be among the best Royal Enfield Customs since long. Based on a single idea that the company wanted, the original DNA of the bike was not to be tinkered with excessively. This meant that Indra Pratama and Barata Dwiputra from Thrive concentrate on refining the original design of the Bullet 350 rather than going all radical on it. The result is a simply stunning Scrambler based on the old icon.

Royal Enfield Scrambler by Thrive Motorcycles

As you can see, the whole build has a minimal appeal that was achieved by keeping the original design of the bikes panels but shrinking them in size. The front headlight assembly along the suspension is indeed a work of art, being true to the original yet minimal enough to look modern. The rest of the build is an extension of the idea with the big off road loving wheels and tyres suits the build perfectly. All in all, this is one build that the company should be inspired to get into production.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Surf Racer by Sinroja Motorcycles:

The UK-Based Sinroja siblings, Rahul and Birju are by far the most interesting custom builders from Indian origin to have been consistently churning out drool worthy builds. Seems the blokes at Royal Enfield knew it too, as they contacted Sinroja to have a collaboration with them for 2017 Wheels and Waves. The result was this absolutely sumptuous Surf Racer based on the Continental GT. I for one would want to have my ‘Conti’ look like it. The most striking element has to be the flawlessly executed half fairing that lends sporty appeal in dollops especially with the Upside down forks and 17-inch performance wheels. The rear end too, is made up of equally drool worthy details. There is a horizontally mounted monoshock mounted just below the stunningly minimal custom seat panel.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Surf Racer by SinrojaAlso Read: SINROJA R3 BMW R100 CAFE RACER

Being of a sportier café racer idea, the stock 535cc single cylinder unit on the Continental GT underwent some tuning up. The engine on the Surf Racer has higher lift cam with a higher compression achieved by machined piston barrels and an all new inlet manifold. The Fuel Injection made way for a Dellorto carb conversion while the most sensual design element on the build is the under seat, jet-style, tail exhaust. The stock Conti tank is now painted in a cool blue shade and so are the body panels. To add more sporty muscle to the build, Sinroja added twin petal discs with radially mounted callipers up front while a better performance rear single disc was added to handle braking under increased performance.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Gentleman Brat by Sinroja Motorcycles:

Yup, another Sinroja build in this Royal Enfield Customs list and why not. This Gentleman Brat by Sinroja Customs is what the Royal Enfield Himalayan always wanted to be. Build in collaboration with Royal Enfield for the 2017 Wheels and Waves Festival held in France, the build gets cool 16-inch spoked wheel rims with white walled tyres that have a much fatter profile than stock bike. The particular subtleness of the grey paint shade is worthy of a significantly more than once glances.  To handle all of the new found ‘Brat’ appeal, the front suspension was beefed up while as an added safety more of petal disc with radially mounted calliper awesomeness was added to the mix.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Gentleman Brat by Sinroja Motorcycles

Then there is a Sinroja special use leather for the lovely custom seat assembly. The under seat exhaust looks pretty spot on as well and so it the generous use of machined aluminium throughout the build. Sinroja Shortened the frame for a Brat appeal while the new round headlamp cluster and retro indicators give the build a classic feel. Too bad, all this was parked so far away in the land of wine.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Custom by TNT Motorcycles:

Based out of New Delhi, TNT Motorcycles that stands for Tools and Tattoos, was commissioned to build a custom Continental GT with a clear guild line that the fuel tank and the frame were not to be played with. And there was also a fact that Royal Enfield wanted the build to be ready in just 45 days as well. That left Naveen and his team to concentrate elsewhere. The team was not too sure what the way the stock bike looked and went about changing the seat design, handlebar and almost whole of the front of the base bike.

The new headlight was imported from Taiwan while the rear section is much shortened and sporty than before. That can be attributed to a pretty blue shade that TNT has used for the build as well. Also, the single sided custom swingarm made out of 2.5mm thick pipes, is another great addition to the build. The whole swingarm unit was build at their own workshop back in Delhi. The end result is a build that keeps true to its roadster appeal and looks cool with an exposed fat chunky rear tyre. To incorporate all the custom changes to the rear, TNT Motorcycles had to fabricate the entire rear hub out of aluminium.

Royal Enfield Chrome 500 Custom by Bull City Customs:

Royal Enfield Customs hailing from its base, India has traditionally been cut and weld jobs, however over the years a considerable amount of new age and vastly talented custom building shops have started cropping up in the country. With its work towards creating a bigger custom scene in the country, Royal Enfield has started to collaborate with a few of them and the results have been stunning. Just like the TNT Motorcycles Conti build above, this Royal Enfield Chrome 500 Custom by Bull City Customs is another project commissioned by the company. And, the blokes at Bull City Customs turned up with a rather spectacular take on the company’s Classic 500 Chrome.


The build as you can see is all about chrome and more chrome, albeit in a fairly minimal design. This lends the Chrome 500 Build a sense of flamboyance yet its minimalism lends it an understated class. All in all, the low custom seat, the large stock tank polished in chrome and the long chopper feel makes this one intriguingly stare worthy, provided the sun isn’t out in its full vengeance that is.

Royal Enfield Classic Custom by Bombay Custom Works:

As the name implies, this classic Royal Enfield Customs entry arrives from India’ business capital. Based on the company’s Classic 500, the Royal Enfield Classic Custom by Bombay Custom Works is a perfect blend of the stock bikes iconic lines and the modern fit and finish. The whole build has been executed with a rather good quality and the combination of leather on the simple black and white (tank) colours is simply outstanding. I particularly liked the leather cover on the exhaust heat shield, looks cool even if it doesn’t serve any practical thought.

Custom Classic 500 by Bombay Custom Works

Royal Enfield Custom Classic 500 by Inline 3 Motorcycles:

This Royal Enfield Custom Classic 500 by Inline 3 Motorcycles is as retro cool as it can get. Brain child of a product designer, Aseem, the company was founded as recently as in July, 2015. However, with in this short period Aseem managed to get attention of Royal Enfield who had asked him to create a project in the Royal Enfield Customs journey for 2017. The result is this stunner, with all the right sort of bling, curves,  and white walls this build will without any doubt stand out among the very best Royal Enfield Customs out there. For more information on his works you can head to Inline 3 Motorcycles.

Custom Classic 500 by Inline 3 Motorcycles

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