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February 4th, 2016

As spring approaches and the weather gets better, it will soon be the time to saddle up on the motorcycle that was in the garage hibernating for the past few months. While the motorcycle gets a service back to road worthiness, the second thing that needs attention is the riding gear that one would adorn for regular city commutes. For city riding, the best bets are short street bike gloves that offer versatility and comfort while putting in the style factor at par with safety. Here, we bring you a guide to the best short motorcycle gloves that are perfect for the daily city commute. Our selection is not the latest that is out there, but it is the best. These are some of the most popular gloves that have been there since the last few years, and have got the most positive responses from buyers, making them the best and most approved options.

Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves

Icon Persuit Perforated Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves

The Pursuit perforated gloves are the overlap between comfortable city motorcycle gear and style. Constructed from supple sheepskin leather, these gloves offer a great fit while having a hidden plastic knuckle armour for protection. The extensive perforation means that these gloves are well-suited even when the weather gets a bit warmer, as they easily provide the best ventilation to keep the hands free of sweat even under a long duration of riding.

Buy $75

Icon Pursuit Gloves

Icon Persuit Stealth Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves

Similarly constructed as the Pursuit perforated gloves, the Pursuit is made out of soft sheepskin with a reinforced goatskin palm. The plastic armour is neatly hidden under the leather to provide a great, stylish overall look.

Buy: $75

Alpinestars S1 Gloves

Alpinestars S-1 Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves

The Alpinestars S1 motorcycle gloves are a bit more technical and a bit more flash-gordon than the other entries. Maybe so, but these gloves offer superior protection and can be used for a variety of purposes that include city riding while a bit of light thrashing around a Supermoto circuit. These technical motorcycle gloves feature extended cuffs that provide extra protection around the wrists which would add to the gloves’ snug fit, while maintaining the flexibility and freedom that is needed for everyday riding.

Buy: $120

Spidi Jab-RR Gloves

Spidi Jab-RR Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves

A perfect pair of gloves that offer huge versatility to be used as a regular city gloves as well as a light touring one, the Spidi Jab-RR feature a unique leather and mesh construction. This not only makes the glove vastly breathable, but also makes it one of the lightest short street bike motorcycle glove out there. Coming from Spidi, there is no doubt that the fit and finish is near perfect, and so is the style. To add protection to the mix, the Jab-RR features a reinforced back, side and palm of hand while also featuring a split hard knuckle armour.

Buy: $80

Alpinestars Alloy Gloves

Alpinestars Alloy Street Bike Motorcycle Gloves

The Alloy gloves are styled to look subtle, with minimum flash. This enables the gloves to be worn with a variety of street jackets without looking conspicuous. The construction of this motorcycle glove is a mix of leather and textile with additional deerskin reinforcement at the palm of the hand. The glove also features a moulded leather knuckle with a flexible back design and ample amount of air intakes on the fingers and back to keep things cool on a short city spin.

Buy: $80
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