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December 27th, 2015

The-Best-Tech-Products-2015Best in tech this year.

Every year in tech brings new products that phase out the technology that has been brought together by products in the previous year. In that sense, 2015 could be considered as a leap year where we saw some of the most crazy products that took the advancement of technology to a whole new timeline. Here are our best picks.

Apple iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

Apple IPhone 6s Best Tech Products of 2015

While these guys follow the legacy of Apple’s iPhone range that gets a design update every two years, the 2015 iPhones are a major leap in placing meaningful, usable technology in the hands of average consumers. The company’s new 3D Touch was a whole new way of interacting with smartphones, that brought the company back into the limelight after being considered as mere follow up players for the past couple of years.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR Best Tech Products of 2015

While people and companies have been struggling to make virtual reality a mainstream for ages, Samsung’s introduction of the Gear VR in 2015 was the first bold step towards that future. The idea was a genuinely logical one which took a person’s everyday smartphone and converted it into a virtual reality device. Powered by the technology developed by Oculus, the Samsung Gear VR brought virtual reality into the hands of anyone who owned a Galaxy device.

Oxo Barista Brain 12-Cup Brew Station

Oxo Barista Brain Best Tech Products of 2015.

While there are many coffee brewers out there that would make a delicious cup of java, the Oxo Barista brain is in its own way the multi-tool device for the early mornings. Featuring an option to make a single cup of brew or 12 cups all at one time, the Oxo Barista can also double up as a gizmo to boil water, meaning that it can also serve the purpose of a tea brewer… a combination that is very rare to find.

Chromecast Audio

Chromecast Audio Best Tech Products of 2015.

With technology growing at a staggering rate, older devices these days tend to go out of steam quite fast. The Chromecast Audio a device that help keep your older purchases relevant in today’s world of connected devices. Simply plug it into any legacy speaker and it turns the same into a wireless streaming device on which audio can be piped down from any smartphone.

GoPro Hero4 Session

GoPro Hero4 Session Best Tech Products of 2015

For many adventure seekers, the GoPro has become the default action camera to go to for all their needs. The Hero4 Session emphasises on the same by providing a more versatile form factor that can be mounted in a variety of different ways. Whats more, is that it comes packed with some intuitive features such as auto video rotation that allows users to mount the camera in any direction and it would sort out the orientation on its own.

Acer Revo One

Acer Revo One Best Tech Products of 2015

In a world where the trend is to make everything pint-size, the Acer Revo One is a perfect new form factor for the personal computer for 2015. The Revo One is a full-spec PC that comes in a form factor no larger than a regular-size coffee maker, and thats a great thing … since it means that the Revo One can be kept anywhere and be used anyhow. But perhaps the best use of this mini-PC is as something connected to your large flat-screen TV where is can perform the duties of a media streamer, allowing to play everything from Netflix to movies stored on your hard drive. With the top-spec models, it is even possible to play and stream 4K video content.

Apple Macbook 12

Apple Macbook 12 Best Tech Products of 2015

In the modern sense of things, Apple as a company is like the gym instructor who is hell-bent on making you as slim as possible while giving his other trainees an inferiority complex. And the new 12-inch MacBook is yet one another proof of the same. This new MacBook is just 13.1 mm thin and 0.9 kgs heavy, meaning that it outnumbers the same specs from the company’s own MacBook Air lineup. While the laptop might be paper thin, it still houses a full-size keyboard (a new mechanism had to be developed to make it thinner) and a insanely sharp 12-inch retina display. Too bad then that it only comes with a processor thats slower than the new iPhones and one, yes only “1” port.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surfacebook Best Tech Products of 2015

The Microsoft Surface Book while not very revolutionary in many ways, makes it to this list not because what it has, but due to how it can do the things that everyone wants and needs. The Laptop is a hybrid where the screen can be pulled off the laptop to make to a standalone tablet, while when connected back, gives the experience of a full-size laptop. This was made possible by Microsoft by developing a new hinge they like to call “Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge”. A bit ugly in my personal opinion, but it works.

BeOn Home Smart LED Bulbs

BeOn Home Best Tech Products of 2015

The smart home revolution is taking shape and products like BeOn’s LED Bulbs are at the help of its creation. The bulb connects to other BeOn bulbs that are connected in the house and allows users to control all of them via an app through the smartphone. Designed to operate in a network these bulbs study the movement patterns of the house’s inhabitants and mimics the same when no one is at home, fooling burglars to think that the house is occupied.

WD My Passport Ultra

Best Tech Products of 2015 WD My Passport Ultra

The WD My Passport Ultra is one of the best ways to store and carry you data. Coming in with storage of upto 3TB at a price of just $200, these Solid State Drives are one of the best and largest that have come up in 2015.

Jawbone Up 2

Best Tech Products of 2015 Jawbone Up 2

In the ever so expanding world of fitness trackers, the Jawbone Up 2 came in as one of the most sleekest products in 2015. While compact in dimension, the device still packs in a healthy battery life and also a technically sound software that can track all you activities, reporting on them accurately. And its waterproof too.

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