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June 21st, 2018

It is always a purpose-driven machine that leaves its legacy so well that even after more than half a century, those who know, tend to wander around the world in such of its greatness. Such is the legend of the Porsche 550 and the Porsche 550A Spyder that were shown to the world more than 60 years ago are such icons that they are the most highly sought-after Porsche cars even today. Built primarily as low, light and fast cars that could take on competitors in racing, the Porsche 550A Spyder was an evolution version of the already successful Porsche 550 that preceded it.

Launched in 1956, the Porsche 550A Spyder had a stiffer spaceframe that had been further lightened brining the kerb weight of the car below 550kgs, while its 1.5-litre, flat-four engine produced around 110 horsepower. This translated to a low, light, and extremely agile car that was perfectly setup to win at races. And that is exactly what the Porsche 550A Spyder did best. The very same year that it was launched, the 550A Spyder brought Porsche their very first sports car victory by winning at the 1956 Targa Florio. And since then Porsche never looked back, becoming the manufacturer to be the most successful at motorsport.

What you see here in the photos then is one of the most iconic cars that Porsche ever made. Out of the 40 Porsche 550A Spyders that were ever made, this chassis no 550A-0121 is the only Danish 550A spyder, that has been meticulously restored with matching engine and transmission numbers, and also comes along with a strong documented racing and ownership history.

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